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Comment Re:Not funneled into (Score 1) 284

Any time you establish rules, people will figure out how to use those rules to their advantage.

that is why we need to have simple rules. You cannot game 2+2=4. Of course the federal tax code is 75 thousand pages for that very reason. So it can be gamed by those who have the means.

Tax based on profits? Tax based on sales? Tax based on cash hoard?

No. No. No.

Tax the corporations based on gross income. You know, just like you and I are. Very easy to track and audit. With the same tax rate for corporations and people.

Comment Re:We COULD get by working 10-20 hours a week (Score 1) 729

No, the problem is loans.

The problem is, that 1%-ers have access to means of amassing wealth ordinary mortals don't have.

- they can afford to hire herds of lawyers and accountants to dodge taxes.
- they can afford to set up schemes where they pay themselves in equity or options so that they only pay capital gains tax instead of income tax. Or better still, offshore their revenues altogether to tax havens. Set up fake charities.
- they can afford to lobby legislation to bend rules in their favor.
- due to their wealth and connections they are essentially immune from prosecution. OK maybe not the top 1%, but the 0.1% certainly is.

The root problem is not loans, the problem is the uneven playing field. Then of course this has been the situation forever throughout human history: the number one priority of the ruling class is that they remain the ruling class. These days they are doing it better than ever under the disguise of 'democracy'.

Comment Re:As a programmer (Score 1) 735

but we arn't as important as the guy's who tell us what to make, or the guy's who get people to pay for it..

I guess anybody can grasp the difference between toilet paper and a rocket booster motor in terms of development effort, marketing approach and target audience.
I am somewhere inbetween. We supply specialized tools for preclinical drug development.
In the last two years there was a 80% turnover in the sales and marketing workforce. Without any apparent detrimental effect on business.
Of course there are many parameters to this, but I certainly would not deduce that marketing and sales people are system critical in our situation.
On the other hand I could remove three people from the company (60ish employees) and make sure the whole thing hits the ground within fucking months. And those are the people that thoroughly understand what we are doing, as opposed to sitting around in airport lounges or answering email inquiries for a living.

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