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Comment Re:"although not with bug-free results" (Score 1) 160

The original comment addresses problems seen with Google's own hardware, not some obscure budget tablet that Google never tested against. Yes you expect bugs with new operating system releases, but even after the 5.1 update the first generation Nexus 7 remains sluggish and often virtually unusable within half an hour of a reboot (I've tried the trick of clearing the cache partition, more than once). Google should have spotted this problem during testing before release, and either withheld the update from the 1st generation Nexus or resolved the issue promptly with 5.1.

Submission + - Sir Terry Pratchett, succumbs to The Embuggerance

sp1nl0ck writes: Sir Terry Pratchett, the creator of Discworld, has died aged 66, following a long battle with Alzheimer's Disease. Sir Terry announced that he was suffering from The Embuggerance in an open letter to fans over seven years ago, and recently had to cancel a planned appearance at the International Discworld Convention last summer, and donated over £500K of his own money to research into the condition. He also spoke in favour of a euthanasia tribunal, the members of which would consider the case of each "...applicant...to ensure they are of sound and informed mind, firm in their purpose, suffering from a life-threatening and incurable disease and not under the influence of a third party". Sadly, he didn't survive long enough to see such a tribunal — or indeed any kind of assistance for those suffering from an incurable condition who wish to end their own life — come into being.

Comment Re:Lollipop is broken for many. (Score 1) 437

Very much this. My Nexus 7 became virtually unusable after the Lollipop update (seems much more responsive with last night's update though). The UI changes are also a big step backwards. It took me ages to spot how to dismiss all notifications from the lock screen because the tiny white icon hanging outside of the form is lost against my background. Why is just about every UI designer out there at the moment so determined to undo all the good work of recent years?

Comment /b/ As a Supervised Clubhouse (Score 1) 220

Anyone who has visited the /b/ board cannot help but notice the over representation of pathological personalities. Do you feel that the 4chan /b/ board provides these folks with a form of supervised club house? Ok, they may get up to all forms of undesirable behaviour, but at least it is out in the open and there is some form of supervision (from moderators and others monitoring the board).

Submission + - France cries foul at World Cup "spy drone" (arstechnica.com)

mpicpp writes: France’s World Cup soccer team has filed a complaint with FIFA, claiming that someone used a small unmanned aircraft to spy on the team’s training camp near São Paulo, Brazil as players prepared for their match against Honduras Sunday, the BBC reports. The quadrocopter appears from video to be a Phantom II autonomous micro-drone with a video camera.

“Apparently, drones are being used more and more,” France’s manager Didier Deschamps told the BBC. “We don’t want intrusion into our privacy. It’s hard to fight.” Deschamps did not comment on who might be behind the surveillance but said in an interview with Football Italia that he believed the drone was operated by one of France’s potential opponents or by a French news agency.

Comment Re:Being nice doesn't make it an ad (Score 1) 59

The problem here is the number of Kickstarter related stories running at the moment that have little to zero interest for Slashdot readers. This leads to two possible conclusions, poor editorial selection or paid-for stories. Being a long term reader I am sure it is down to the former, but I have to say that there has been an increase in the number of posts with seriously questionable content that I fully understand people thinking there is a financial motive. Maybe if the Slashdot editors started listening to the readers and started editing... no as I say, I've been on here too long now.

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