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Comment different approach (Score 2, Interesting) 97

I've been in IT for quite some time now and work for a large nonprofit in the upper midwest that recently moved to common ground/salesforce from a traditional client server solution. In addition to Common Ground I also have access to and work with Raiser's Edge.

The fact of the matter is that people, not software per se, generally determines the effectiveness of whatever solution is applied to the challenge of tracking people, transactions, and the many types of relationships nonprofits need to mange.

Consequently, instead of tossing the proverbial note in a bottle on slashdot and seeing what comes back you should be polling your users, your IT staff, and those that do or can understand what your organization is both capable and incapable of using, supporting, and growing.

Next, organize it, prioritize it, and cost it.

You will find that what you need from a nonprofit-centric crm is unexpected, hard to document, and not easily matched with any one tool on the market. But at least by taking the above approach it is your requirements, and not vendor brochures or the emotive proclamations in this thread (present company included), that will drive your selection process.

For my organization with IN PARTICULAR the common ground/salesforce platform works well. You have different needs, most certainly, and what works for us may not work for you.

Good luck!


Submission + - Otellini, Barrett E-mails Among the Missing

narramissic writes: "Following Intel's admission last week that some internal Intel e-mails that may have bearing on AMD's antitrust lawsuit against the company had gone missing as a result of human error, a court transcript released by AMD now indicates that 'Intel Chairman Craig Barrett and President and CEO Paul Otellini were among those not in compliance with the company's document retention policies.'"

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