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Comment Re:Make up your mind (Score 1) 163

To serve and protect doesn't mean what you think it does. Since the formation of the first police force its goal was to protect the law and serve those in power.
Police protects the community as a whole, not the individual citizen. And the only way to protect the community is to uphold the law. Of course the law says what those in power want to say so...

Comment Re:A variation on Betteridge's Law? (Score 1) 74

YOU are reading it wrong: "analyzed and significantly reduced the memory footprint of several websites that were identified as representative..."
So basically it's the same shit as with gaming the tests for graphic cards.
Google: See? Our browser loads site x, y and z 10 times faster! Never mind the other sites, we've decided these are the sites that count.

Comment Re:Why yes, you are (Score 1) 140

According to Usage (
The word it’s is always short for ‘it is’ (as in it's raining), or in informal speech, for ‘it has’ (as in it's got six legs).
The word its means ‘belonging to it’ (as in hold its head still while I jump on its back). It is a possessive pronoun like his.
A little sign like ’ can make a lot of difference, you know.
But English is not my first language so maybe I'm wrong.
Anyway, let's get back to bashing MS and Apple, ignore the OP and TFA, insult each other and have a good time.

Comment Re:Why does anyone update? (Score 1) 172

Protip: You DON'T....

Protip: I do
I'm running Mint on my desktop and my daughter's laptop but I MUST use Windows on my laptop and so does my wife.
I'm a lawyer (non US) and the best law database program only runs under Windows. My wife (MD) has to use some kind of program which connects to the government databases and you guessed it, the best program only runs under Windows.
Of course we can go for the third or fourth best programs which (mostly) run under Wine, but that would mean loss of functionality for both of us, so why bother?
So it's Windows 7 for both of us until we retire.

Comment Re:akin to.... (Score 1) 120

I don't want to have to look for a waiter to call over so I can have my glass refilled

Why the fuck is so hard to pick up the bottle and pour yourself a drink? I hate it when the slave comes to top up my glass, whether I want it or not.
But you're spot on with the bill.

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