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Canada Comet Lengthened the Ice Age 66

Iddo Genuth writes "Recent geological evidence gathered in Ohio and Indiana has been verified by a University of Cincinnati assistant professor as support of a comet theory, claiming a comet explosion over earth was the cause of drastic changes to life on our planet. This evidence strengthens initial data collected over a year ago. The explosion, which occurred over what is now Canada, caused the extinction of animals and cultures and lengthened the Ice Age nearly 13,000 years ago that should have been coming to an end."

Man Steals Bus and Drives Route 4

18-year-old James Harris has been obsessed with buses since he was little. This obsession has landed him in some trouble recently, as police are accusing him of stealing buses from Miami-Dade depots on at least three occasions. What sets James apart from an ordinary thief is that he drove the buses along their correct routes, picking up and dropping off passengers as usual and then returning to the depot at the end of his "shift" without stealing the fares he collected. James would wear a uniform to avoid detection and take the bus for between four and six hours at a time. I have a feeling that most of Mr. Harris's school trips were on the short bus.

Comment Re:Notable quote (Score 1) 377

Read that first part again. In fact, just read that first word. Congress shall make no law....

Don't know what "Congress" means? Congress is defined in Article I, Section I of the Constitution as consisting of "a Senate and House of Representatives." Note that the word is "Congress"; not "Government", "States", "Cities", or "Websites on the internet".

That means that the first admendment applies only to the United States Congress. It doesn't apply to Wikipedia or Slashdot, or any other website on the internet. It doesn't apply to clubs. It doesn't apply to any other country. Strictly interpreted, it doesn't even apply to the states, counties, or city governments (though there are other laws that do, such as Admendment 14).

That's why it's perfectly legal for a school in Hartford, Conn. to adopt policies that fine students for swearing. That's why it's legal for a website to filter out expletives.

The debate over "Can speech be abridged?" is not the true debate. Of course it can be. The true debate is "Who can abridge speech?".

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