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Comment Bare bones OS (Score 1) 132

The Pi is really nice for "soft" realtime projects - but running a full OS like Linux means that you can't ever get really solid realtime performance.

The hardware is now down cheap enough to replace Arduino's in the role of "bare to the metal" devices - and it sure would be nice not to have to have two families of boards in my hardware supplies box.

So how about a bare-to-the-metal OS - with nothing beyond the ability to download an executable and boot/run it and all of the hardware exposed...or perhaps some means to lock away one CPU core to run a hard-realtime task while Linux runs on the other(s)?

Comment Re: How many people really support her? (Score 1) 525

The "theoretical" aspect you deride was terribly important to potential Democratic party competitors when they were deciding whether or not to run.
Sure, Hillary beat an angry old communist in a two person primary. Woo hoo. Why was it only a two person primary? Because everyone else saw the writing on the wall.

Comment How many people really support her? (Score 4, Insightful) 525

Democrats... what the hell were you thinking when you supported Hillary?

The super delegate system, plus some rigging at the DNC, ensured there was never really a choice. Potential qualified competitors realized that Hillary had all the super delegates bought and paid for, so they didn't even bother. Bernie was dug up as an 'opponent', a sham primary was had- it got a little out of control- and in the end, the pre-determined outcome was obtained.
I think few people really support Hillary. They're just being obedient to the party.

Comment Re:UBI (Score 2) 366

Automating every last job is the correct path to a future where nobody has to work and we can just exist as humans, bettering ourselves.

Ideal society if you ask me. Working for masters is overrated.

I think we can look to children of the rich (and how they busy themselves when they don't have to look after their needs) to figure out where this road goes.

Comment Re:As a former journalist, this isn't a big deal (Score 1) 133

I can't help but notice

Of course you can help it. You are actively looking for things, regardless of how small, allowing you to redirect blame to people you dislike. You are a partisan twit and part of the problem slowly but surely destroying our country from within. I do not care what "side" you are on (Democrat or Republican) but you are the real enemy.

You sound like a partisan democrat that doesn't have an actual response to the charge levied.

Comment Re:As a former journalist, this isn't a big deal (Score 2) 133

"I feel like Iraq was stolen from us," said Mr Jabouri. "Bush and Blair are liars. They destroyed Iraq and took us back to zero, and took us back to the Middle Ages or earlier. If I was a criminal, I would kill them with my bare hands."

I can't help but notice that his statement comes a few years after Obama abandoned Iraq and consequently allowed ISIS to take over a third of the country.

Comment RealSense == 3D camera. (Score 2) 55

At first sight, it looks like this is a horribly overpriced tiny-Linux gizmo - but what I think people here are missing is the important fact that it includes an integrated RealSense 3D camera...over 300 bucks for a $10 computer is a lot - but the RealSense 3D camera was selling for over $100 a few months ago - and that was a gigantic thing compared to this.

So, while I think they should be selling this for $50 to get more people interested in using it - I don't think it's surprising that they're asking so much as a "dev kit". The original RealSense dev kit (just the camera) was (IIRC) $200 - but included support from Intel engineers for serious developers.

Comment Re: Remember the Paris Hilton Sidekick... (Score 2) 82

Well, blame the Constitution, which was devised for a tiny nation of fewer than four million... That's including the 18% that were slaves. We're over 80x larger than we were in the 1790 census, but the House is only seven times as big. It's considerably less representative than the framers envisioned.

If the House had grown proportionally there'd be almost five thousand reps and more of them would answer their own correspondence. It'd be harder to gerrymander a decisive party advantage without winning the popular vote too. With modern IT it'd be perfectly manageable. You'd have to build a new Capitol though.

Such a large body has it's own problems. The Federalist papers, #58, discusses the topic, and the founding fathers actually did consider population growth and it's impact on representation. Summary here.

Comment Re:Thanks Media (Score 0) 330

If only someone could find a major News network that would obsessively look for dirt on the Clintons for 20+ years.

Plenty has been found on the Clintons; the problem is their supporters just don't care, and they always seem to have the right friends in charge of the relevant prosecutor's office.

Comment Law suit?!?! I'd like to thank them! (Score 1) 260

The 'Joker' character in Suicide Squad was badly written and over-acted. I enjoyed the movie overall, but Leto's character didn't even have the depth of your average comic book villian. He's just a nut ball.
The movie is already loaded with backstory, so without sacrificing protagonist screen time, this Joker never had a chance to get his own identity. He's a supporting character for Harley. Given that, I think they probably should have stayed a bit more 'sane' and traditional with him.

Comment Re:Online Voting (Score 1) 182

Good thing we're aiming for a Republic.

Which, if you know what the term means, is also a democracy.

It's democratic in nature, but with significant differences intended to control some of the negative tendencies of pure democracies.

Of course, you knew that, and you knew that I knew that, and you knew that's what I was getting at. Yet you decided to be a smart ass anyway. Any particular reason?

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