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Comment Re:An somewhat more educated assesment (Score 1) 176

Time to develop soft plastic probe sheets.. The idea of implanting little needles in the brain (which have to go to the right depth) is the obvious brake on adaption of this technology. Sadly right now you won't be able to catch the necessary activity from outside the skull. I think a durable, safe and unobtrusive implant is a matter of time.

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AltEnergy_try_Sunrei writes: "I wonder how much bandwidth is wasted by 'previous messages included' in email replies. It's an automatic mode of operation for many that multiplies the actual traffic by a factor 3 or 4. I'd say we could make a significant dent in the current bandwitdh consumed by emails if we all switched off the include function, and save the planet or make room for spam in the process."

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