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Submission + - Ask the FCC to switch to sane software engineering practices for wifi! (google.com) 2

mtaht writes: The CeroWrt project is collecting signatures for a letter to the FCC strongly suggesting they adopt saner software engineering practices for certifying wifi devices instead of pending regulations.

You can view the letter (signed by Dave Täht, Vint Cerf and many other notables) and add your signature,

Comment Re:Which company in Denmark? (Score 1) 173

DnB Nord. In the paper it's labelled as being in Latvia. It's not so much a well-known Danish bank, as a Norwegian-owned bank that does business in Latvia, with its headquarters in Denmark... From their website:

Bank DnB NORD is owned by Norwegian DnB NOR. The bank, with subsidiaries and branches in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, profiting from the expertise and strengths of DnB NOR.

Bank DnB NORD offers a comprehensive range of quality financial products and services to households as well as businesses. The headquarters of Bank DnB NORD are situated in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Comment Re:why GRUB? (Score 1) 175

It's been a while since I compiled a kernel in Gentoo, but as I recall "make install" will get you the kernel image copied to /boot and symliked to /boot/vmlinuz or somesuch. Even backing up the old symlink to /boot/vmlinuz.old.

So all you'd have to do is point the Grub config to /boot/vmlinuz, and you wouldn't have to touch it after a recompile.

Of course there were issues with new "make install"'s overwriting old ones, etc, but as I recall generally it worked quite reliably...


Submission + - Ubuntu To Ditch X Server For Wayland (digitizor.com)

dkd903 writes: Well the surprises just keeps mounting. After shocking everyone with the announcement that Ubuntu 11.04 will have Unity on the desktop instead of GNOME Shell, Mark Shuttleworth announced another possibly bigger change – Unity is going to use Wayland display server instead of X. This will not be implemented in Ubuntu 11.04 though.
XBox (Games)

iFixit Tears Down Microsoft's Kinect For Xbox 360 280

alphadogg writes "Microsoft's new hands-free Kinect game controller is packed with four microphones, two autofocus cameras and a motion detector chip that together make for one heck of a complex toy, according to iFixit's initial teardown of the device. 'We haven't been this excited to get our hands on new hardware since the iPad,' says Kyle Wiens, CEO of the company. 'The way that we interact with computers is (finally) evolving, and Kinect is unlike any hardware we've ever taken apart. In fact, the only thing we've ever taken apart that has anywhere close to this many sensors is Pleo, the dinosaur robot.' iFixit describes Kinect as 'a horizontal bar of sensors connected to a small, motorized pivoting base.' The $150 device that Microsoft put hundreds of millions of dollars of research into can be purchased separately from the Xbox 360 or as part of a bundle. A Prime Sense PS1080-A2 is at the heart of Kinect's motion detection capabilities, as it connects to all of Kinect's sensors and processes images of your game room's color and scope before shooting them over to the Xbox. iFixit couldn't immediately identify all of the chips within the box, so plans to update its teardown."

Comment Re:I'll believe it when I see it (Score 1) 460

It has not yet become a big enough of a problem for the large sections of unused address by universities such as MIT and Harvard to be recalled.

Well actually, from TFA:

There is an old story that Stanford University supposedly has more IPv4 addresses than the entire country of China. At the beginning of the decade, this was true: Stanford had the entire class A block, more than twice the less-than 8 million addresses that were given out in China at the time. Times have changed, however. Last year, China passed Japan and took the number-two spot behind the US. This year, organizations in China obtained another 50.67 million addresses for a total of 232 million. And Stanford is one of the very few organizations that has returned a class A block.


Submission + - Church of Scientology violates Federal Law (rapidshare.com) 5

FreedomToThink writes: "This is a very long story I'm sure the editors will have fun with, but I couldn't see how to cut it down at all.

On the eve of the Ides of March protest, from the source of the recent 'Anonymous' submitted CCHR leak on wikileaks, comes this message

"Dear $cientology,You attempt injunctions.I respond.Shall we continue the game? Much Love, DEEP CLAM"

Included was yet another PDF this time including yet more emails leaked from a Church of Scientology front group.

Vote Rigging?

From: "Mike Kaplan" <mkaplan@tampabay.rr.com>
To: <Undisclosed-Recipient:;>
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 11:53:07 -0400

See below. Everyone in Clearwater MUST vote. Every vote will be needed to be
sure Hibbard gets re-elected. The alternative is Rita Garvey who is an SP.

— Original Message —
From: Shelly <mailto:shelly.bauer@Earthlink.net> Bauer
To: Shelly Bauer <mailto:shelly.bauer@earthlink.net>
Sent: Sunday, January 06, 2008 8:09 AM


Lunch with your preferred Presidential candidates for a high price?


I have arranged a private one-hour luncheon with Ron Paul on 11/28 in St.
Pete when he will be in town for the CNN/YouTube Republican debate.

This luncheon is reserved for $1000+ donors to Ron Paul's presidential
campaign. 19 people so far have paid and confirmed and will have the honor
and pleasure of having lunch and communicating with Ron Paul directly.

From the head of the "Non Proffit" CCHR Bruce Wiseman

Go the the HELP committee website. The link is here.
Here you will see the names of the Committee members on the left hand
of the page. Please go to the individual websites of the Republican =
(this will take just a bit of leg work on your part by putting their =
into Google) and calling their office or sending a fax to them (email is =
least effective) stating your opposition to S. 1375 The Mother's Act.

Currently, the law prohibits political campaign activity by charities and churches by defining a 501(c)(3) organization as one "which does not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office."

An OCMB (Operation Clambake Message Board)regular adds :

I downloaded myself a copy and started looking through them. I found an interesting one on pages 47-48.

Karin Pouw of OSA of CofS writes a message.
It's forwarded by Michael Genung. He's the guy who runs ACSR, Association for Citizens Sociel Reform. http://www.citizensforsocialreform.org/ ["CSR Background and Philosopy: CSR was founded in 2001 by a group of Scientologists and other like-minded individuals concerned with the escalating social ills in society. CSR's purpose is to work with in the field of public policy to bring about more effective and humane solutions to these social ills of illiteracy, criminality substance abuse and general decay of character."]

Then it's forwarded by Doyle Mills, of LEAF fame (Letters to the Editor Attack Force).
Then it's forwarded by Mary C. (possibly one of two Mary C's I'm thinking of, but unsure).
Then it's forwarded by Mike Kaplan, another person who runs an email list and forwards CCHR type stuff to CofS members.

If that ain't stringing a line from the CofS to CCHR and the CofS front group ("grassroots") movements, then I don't know what is!

Apologies in advance as the Enturbulation servers will not be up to a slashdotting so the Coral Cache link is here Enturbulation Discussion (already cached for you)

ANYONE CAN REPORT TAX FRAUD DIRECTLY TO THE IRS : http://www.irs.gov/compliance/enforcement/article/0,,id=106778,00.html It does require that you print out and mail in an actual hardcopy, but it does not require you to identify yourself.

Just a casual user passing on a message from the Enturbulation forum, this is already out there, there's no reason to attack the messenger."

Comment Re:nerve signals / muscle signals (Score 4, Informative) 88

There is some research being done into bidirectional prosthetics. Kevin Warwick from Reading University in the UK has successfully implanted a chip in his own arm allowing him to control an external robotic arm and receive sensory input from it.

Some of Warwick's work is pretty controversial (see e.g. various articles from The Register), but he does do some solid research.

Wikipedia has more details

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