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Comment Re:A small part of me (Score 1) 591

You seem to think that insurance companies are driving the price of healthcare, and not providers. Insurance prices are set basically like this:

insurance premium = estimated cost of providing care (that is, the fees charged by healthcare providers) + taxes + admin expenses/profit

If you have a giant hospital system dominating a metro area, what do you think would lead to lower prices:

1) One or two giant insurance companies negotiating with the hospital on behalf of the majority of the residents of that metro area


2) 15 different insurance companies, each with a few thousand members in the area negotiating rates with that hospital?

Comment neat (Score 1) 102

I recently had a small stroke on the left side of my brain. The only impact I can tell is some very slight speech problems, which are almost gone just a few weeks later. It would be neat to compare my MRI to the areas mapped out by this to see if I can notice any losses. Too bad my neurologist is not interested in talking more than spending five minutes telling me to eat better and take aspirin and a statin from now on.

Comment Re:ipad + note taker HD (Score 1) 425

Forgot to add, what makes note taker hd so great for me:

0. decent handwriting capture
1. import pdf files and annotate them with handwritten notes
2. export notes to .pdf file and send via email
3. tagging of notes/notebooks and a good search database to help you find notes on any given topic

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