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Comment Re:Hookers (Score 1) 335

Check the novelette "Pantaleón y las Visitadoras", by Mario Vargas Llosa, about a (fictional) specops unit set up by the peruvian army to... hmmm... "cool down" its troops in the amazonian zone. It is written in an hilarious language, mocking the military report style when Capt. Pantaleón Pantoja writes to his superiors discussin his "personnel" needs to "service" his soldiers adequately...

It was made into a movie, with the colombian bombshell Angie Cepeda in the main female role.

Comment Re:Sounds like a redneck project. (Score 1) 27

That (no engineering background) is not true. From TFA:

"All the design work, the calculations and engineering systems have been done entirely in Catalonia, in collaboration with engineering companies that have shown a great capacity for innovation, research, and the ability to meet new challenges".

Two of the four "leaders" have engineering background. One of them has experience in marine design. Engineering companies and students have cooperated in the project.

Comment Re:Nothing does (Score 3, Informative) 276

Record (file) handling. To process a record-composed file in C you have to write a lot of boilerplate code (just parsing the records into its components and re-creating the records by parts) requires probably to write a specific function to do that. In COBOL you just declare the structure mapping the physical record and you are done.

By the way, the languge has all the control structures needed to write decent code since COBOL-81. Before that (COBOL-74) it was a really ugly mess, but the modern COBOL (yes, it has been updated a lot of times) allows to write clean and understandadble code.


America's Real Criminal Element: Lead 627

2muchcoffeeman writes "The cause of the great increase in violent crime that started in the 1960s and peaked in the 1990s may have been isolated: lead. This leads directly to the reason for the sharp decline in violent crime since then: lead abatement programs and especially the ban of tetraethyl lead as an anti-knock agent in gasoline starting in 1996. There are three reasons why this makes sense. First, the statistics correlate almost perfectly. Second, it holds true worldwide with no exceptions. Every country studied has shown this same strong correlation between leaded gasoline and violent crime rates. Third, the chemistry and neuroscience of lead gives us good reason to believe the connection. Decades of research has shown that lead poisoning causes significant and probably irreversible damage to the brain. Not only does lead degrade cognitive abilities and lower intelligence, it also degrades a person's ability to make decisions by damaging areas of the brain responsible for emotional regulation, impulse control, attention, verbal reasoning, and mental flexibility. Another thing that stands out: if you overlay a map showing areas with higher incidence of violent crime with one showing lead contamination, there's a strikingly high correlation."

Comment Re:Good feature sets (Score 2) 342

No, it was not. OS/2 has nothing to do about OS/400 (I guess you are refering to that one). OS/2 is an independent development, in which _probably_ you can find traces of ideas and implementations in other operating systems, but you can say the same about any OS. Take into account OS/2 1.X was being developed by Microsoft, and it was when MS switched their goals to enhance the Windows Family when IBM toke the lead.

Comment Re:Europe needs to wake up (Score 1) 195

This is not about controlling the world. Guessing you are american, you can sell you entire life to an american company if that's what you want. It's just that company will not be allowed to sell its products within the EU unless it obeys the EU regulations. As for how does that company behaves in the rest of the world, it's not our problem. Actually, it is YOUR problem.

To paraphrase your comment, unilateralism is dead and the USA no longer controls the EU.

Comment Re:MOD PARENT DOWN... oops, it's the story (Score 0) 136

You, sir, are a nazi retard, and YOU should be awarded with a for-life sentence working as a janitor in the visitors centre of Auswitz concentration camp, so you can learn every day of your stupid life the consequences of that stupid thinking of yours.

Or, directly, given a bullet in your head.

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