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Comment Re:Apple makes money either way... (Score 1, Informative) 348

Moving to a 64 bit word size has other effects than simply increasing the amount of memory that can be addressed. When doing mathematical computations, if a number doesn't fit in your word you have to fake it. 64 bit words allow for much bigger numbers that can now be handled natively by the CPU. This might make a big difference in crypto performance, like on your SSL connections.

Submission + - Rooting Transcend WiFi SD Cards

Freshly Exhumed writes: This is the story of a clever blogger who discovered that Transcend WiFi SD Cards are not just small memory devices that can store 16GB (a 32GB version is available) in a tiny space, but are also embedded Linux systems fully capable of running applications and shells: Busybox, a webserver, and their own wireless networks. With some clever hacks that took advantage of some OEM programming blunders, the blogger was able to root the devices to do his bidding.

Submission + - Note to Self: NEVER Do This (

Jim_Austin writes: A note inadvertently left in the "supplemental information" of a journal article appears to instruct a subordinate scientist to fabricate data.

Submission + - Ex-NSA Chief Thinks Free Information Activists Are Potential Terrorists (

Daniel_Stuckey writes: In a Bipartisan Policy Center cybersecurity speech, Hayden invoked a century's worth of terror descriptors, calling Snowden supporters and privacy proponents “nihilists, anarchists... twentysomethings who haven't talked to the opposite sex in a five or six years.”

What else would you expect from one of the chief architects of the NSA's domestic wiretapping program? How Hayden manages to define individuals who are so very clearly for something (privacy, free information) as “nihilists” is quite astonishing. It's more than likely rhetoric aimed at America's legions of impressionable, jingoistic patriots, but it shows an utter lack of regard for extremely valid concerns.

Comment Bad comparison (Score 1) 258

-> (e.g. the output of a GPLed program is not GPLed, so why should executing a program on a 3D printer be any different?)

The output of a GPL program (a compiler for example) might not be governed by the license on the program, but might be governed by the license on the source file (the design). I can't take Open Source code, compile it with a GPL compiler and sell it for profit without including the source and attribution because "the output of a GPLed program is not GPLed".

I can't use the IBM logo for my own personal use because I 2D printed it myself. Manufacturing does not wash away any need to respect I.P. rights.

ROVs Discover Deep Sea Trash 82

An anonymous reader writes "Deep beneath the ocean's waves, strange creatures such as rockfish and gorgonian coral thrive in the icy depths. Yet there's something else you'll find if you go searching beneath the sea: trash, and lots of it. Researchers have discovered that our trash is accumulating in the deep sea, particularly in Monterey Canyon off of the coast of California. Scientists knew that trash was affecting shallower depths--about 1,000 feet beneath the water. Yet they were unsure whether the effects extended to the truly deep parts of the ocean that reached up to 13,000 feet. They decided that there was only one way to find out: look for themselves."

Submission + - An Open Letter to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt on Drones (

savuporo writes: DC Area Drone User Group has posted an open letter in response to recent comments by Eric Schmidt about banning drones from private use. Closing section:
Personally owned flying robots today have the power to change the balance of power between individuals and large bureaucracies in much the same way the Internet did in the past. And just as the military researchers who developed GPS for guiding munitions could never have imagined their technology would be used in the future to help people conduct health surveys in the world’s poorest countries or help people find dates in the world’s richest, there is a whole world of socially positive and banal applications for drones that are yet to be discovered. We should embrace this chance that technology provides instead of strangling these opportunities in their infancy. Our hope is that you and the rest of Google’s leadership will embrace this pro-technology agenda in the future rather than seeking to stifle it. We would welcome the opportunity to speak further with you about this topic.

Submission + - DARPA Develops Non-GPS Navigation Chip (

Zothecula writes: The Global Positioning System (GPS) has proved a boon for those with a bad sense of direction, but the satellite-based system isn’t without its shortcomings. Something as simple as going indoors or entering a tunnel can render the system useless. That might be inconvenient for civilians, but it's potentially disastrous for military users for whom the system was originally built. DARPA is addressing such concerns with the development of a self-sufficient navigation system that can aid navigation when GPS is temporarily unavailable.

Submission + - Is Windows 8 really blame for PC sales slump? (

nk497 writes: The latest PC sales stats don't make for positive reading — especially for Microsoft, with Windows 8 taking much of the blame for struggling desktop and laptop sales. But can a single OS really be blamed for taking out an entire market. Analysts suggests it's much more complicated than that: a new version of Windows doesn't actually boost the market, but the confusion around the Metro screen and a lack of affordable touch devices hasn't helped — nor has competition from tablets. While Windows 8 must accept some of the blame for the continuing PC slump, but even if it was a barnstorming OS, would it have made a difference? "Let’s face it," said one analyst. "PCs had their run, and it lasted close to 20 years... Interest among consumers is shifting to other types of device."

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