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Comment (Score 1) 141

I have sent Google reports in three times for my own address being located 2 blocks from where it actually was because someone decided to move the anchor of their business to their new address instead of update the address itself. I still can't get an Uber to arrive at my house without someone calling asking where my building is.

Google even sent me a response saying, yes they did make a mistake and they were going to fix it. Now I have two anchor points in front of my house for the same address.

Comment WYSWIG Editors are not sustainable (Score 1) 545

Web technologies change rapidly enough that any GUI editor you use today is going to generate code that will be considered sub-par in a few years. Heck, they generate code that is considered sub-par *now*.

That said, you probably are going to revamp the look and feel of your website every few years anyway, so why worry about the long haul? Get the best tool for the job right now and upgrade later.

Comment Re:You mean 11,500 Euro (Score 1) 420

Spaces are awful for one simple reason - they allow numbers to break at the end of of the screen and wrap onto the next line. In fact, on my screen, your one million example looked like 1000 until I realized there were some more 0's on the next line.

Comment Because (Score 3, Informative) 567

Los Angeles to San Francisco is the busiest air corridor in the United States with an estimated 60 million passengers per year expected by 2020. It is one of the top 20 corridors in the world.

The airports can't handle much more traffic and it costs a substantial amount of money to build new ones (upwards of $20 billion), connect highways, etc.

So high speed rail makes real sense. There isn't even a place to put another airport in the bay area unless you stick it way out of the way.

The links to San Diego and Sacramento don't cost anywhere near the price of the main segment of LA to SF and are just there to complete the system. I don't even think they are part of the first stage and may never end up being built.

Comment Re:There you go again! (Score 2, Interesting) 324

From the Scala website:

This change was driven by the companies need to reliably scale their operation to meet fast growing Tweet rates, already reaching 5000 per minute during the Obama Inauguration

In what parallel universe it is difficult to build a message queue capable of handling 83 messages per second? I built a fault-tolerant group message passing system 10 years ago that handled 30,000 messages per second on a dinky machine. Hell, Oracle's built in message queue system can handle more than 83 messages per second with ACID!

I will never, ever, ever understand the engineering choices of the Twitter team.

Comment Re:How do they know it was sharpened that long ago (Score 1) 200

The tool wasn't found on top of the soil. It was embedded deep within layers upon layers of earth. Each layer has very specific characteristics caused by events that happened on the planet (say a big volcano eruption).

You can tell if the layers have been disturbed (say someone 100,000 years ago decided to dig really deep).

So while you might be able to find a very old rock, you'd also have to find it in a layer of earth that corresponds to the same age.

Comment All I want for xmas is (Score 1) 299

Fiber! That's what I want and I want it from a real service provider darn it!

I live in San Francisco. It is shocking that there aren't any around. I mean, there are huge amounts of dark fiber under the streets (and they seem to put more in every day).

I'd take 10 Mbps symmetric. I'd pay $100/mo for it and if they were going to do video on demand, I'd go to $140.

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