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Submission + - HP Just Unveiled The Machine - A New Type of Computer (

pacopico writes: HP Labs is trying to make a comeback. According to Businessweek, HP is building something called The Machine. It's a type of server that will use memristors for memory and silicon photonics for interconnects and ship possibly by 2017 (good luck). As for The Machine's software, HP plans to build three open source operating systems, including a new one from scratch and its own versions of Linux and Android. The new computer is meant to solve a coming crisis due to limitations around DRAM and Flash. About three-quarters of HP Labs personnel are working on this project.

Comment Union Plumber (Score 1) 368

As a retired contractor I have dealt with union plumbers most of my life. When I retired (2007) a journeyman made about $35/hour with $18/hour in benefits (Health & Welfare). That comes to about $110,000.00/year, but most took the winter off and collected unemployment about $600.00/week. Not bad for 5 year apprenticeship. JUST SAYIN' John

Comment AsRock (Score 1) 467

Just happened to me Upgrading my AsRock motherboard UEFI firmware stalled at "Processing Crashless..." How ironic is that Anyway a phone call to AsrockAmerica, they requested I email a copy of invoice which I got from NewEgg. Two days latter new bios chip in the mail And Bobs your uncle. Very pleased with the response. John PS it was on a Linux system and no one even chirped once about not supporting Linux.

Comment Yes Publish (Score 1) 533

Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time. Baretta When a pothead gets busted his picture is published immediately, innocent or guilty It's time we are all held to the same standards. There should not be special justice for the politically connected, the well off or so called pillars of the community.

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