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Journal Journal: Sig logic explained. 2

a==who b==what c==Earth

"Think of it this way. Would you agree that the world has both whos and whats in it?"
"That's pretty obvious."
"And would you also agree that a who is greater than a what?"
"What do you mean?"
"For one thing, a what can make a what, and a who can make a what, but only a who can make a who."
"That seems true."
"Now put those two points together. If only a who can make a who, and the world includes whos, then only a who could make the world."

Stolen from here.

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Journal Journal: Me, Myself, and I

I figured I'd throw something in here for the heck of it. I'm a Christian from MA, I'm a girl, I'm a geek. I'm me.

I have RedHat on my box at home. I (am forced to) have XP pro on my box at work. I program in perl. At least, that's what they tell me to do. Everyone thinks I like flash. I don't. It's the most shoddy scripting language that I've had to program with. I have a boyfriend. He's a marketing major. All my CS geek friends are jealous. (I'm one of 2 girls in CS). Oh right, I go to school at Northeastern University.

Nothing more to see here...

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