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Submission + - FOSS company sues Govt. for giving 722k$ to MS 2

wackysalut writes: Savoir-faire Linux, a Montreal-based company,sues the Quebec govt. for attributing a ~722,000$ contract to Microsoft, without a call for bids. The RRQ wanted to switch 800 desktops from Windows XP to Windows Vista without ever considering open source, without even enumerating their needs. Here in Canada, the govt. is supposed to do serious verifications and analysis about different available solutions for anything beyond 25k$. Interestingly enough, the trial which is held at the moment in superior court, is followed live on Twitter. That's in Canada, but is the same thing happening in your country ? M. Beraud has an interesting quote up on his blog: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Gandhi.

Submission + - Microsoft, Quebec Pension Plan sued (

Aliencow writes: Savoir-Faire-Linux, a service company specialized in Open source solutions, is suing the Quebec Pension Plan and Microsoft, among others, for not proceeding to a real needs analysis and awarding the contract for the purchase of 800 operating system and productivity suite licenses, even though according to law, this can not be done for contracts over $25 000.

Comment Of course you should be paid (Score 5, Informative) 735

You're basically hooked to a pager, which means you need to be near a phone, and usually near a computer with internet connectivity.

I don't work in operations, but everyone in decent places I've worked at did get paid around 3hours of salary per 24hours of wearing the pager. Then it was a minimum of 1 hour per "call" (more like issue, as it could involve multiple calls) except for the first one of the day which was included in the 3hours.

That meant that in a typical week you'd get paid for (24*7)-40 hours of "pager duty", which amounted to 16 hours of salary, so 2 days extra. That's pretty good, assuming you're on a decent rotation and don't have to be THE guy doing it every single week.

Comment Re:I lock my computer when I walk away (Score 1) 336

I saw that it exists in USB format, called the Mouse wiggler or something similar.

Apparently, police use it to prevent machines from getting locked when they seize them. I don't remember who makes them but they also make some kind of power 'bridge' to allow you to plug a running machine to a UPS without shutting it down.

Comment Re:You are asking the wrong question. (Score 1) 564

Well, I guess it depends on the amount of servers. Drive failures are very very common to me, I mean, techs go in and change at least a drive or two every week. Those would be one or two servers down, with one or two restores, with one or two pissed clients.

RAID is very very, very useful, as long as you don't think it replaces backups obviously.

Comment Who cares? (Score 5, Insightful) 414

Why is this being posted over and over on very tech site?

Who cares?
You're installing a beta or a release candidate. Do you expect it to be supported forever?

And are we really surprised Microsoft put in just a tiny bit of protection to prevent the average joe from continuing to use Windows 7 RC forever?

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