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Journal Alien54's Journal: Cyber Security and the Art of Jihad

As reported on Info World, a 64-page electronic magazine named "Technical Mujahid", began circulating earlier this week on jihadist discussion forums. Like early hacking magazines, Technical Mujahid takes information that has already been published in discussion forums and Web sites and compiles it into one single source. According to Adam Raisman, an analyst with the SITE (Search for International Terrorist Entities) Institute, a terrorist tracking organization, it represents an evolution in the jihadist's documentation of computer security information. More info and screen shots at the mideast political site Memri, who note that the magazine is just one example evident on the Islamist websites of the growing interest on the part of the mujahideen in information technology, electronic data security, and hi-tech matters.
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Cyber Security and the Art of Jihad

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