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Journal Journal: Marmalade Hunting

Marmalade is very special substance, no breakfast can be complete without it.

Hunt the marmalade seemed the perfect game.

Michelle bought be a jar of marmalade, so I thought I'd give it a tour of Ulm (where I live). All you have to do is hunt it; when you found it, click on it! Simple:-)

Paddington bear watch out! Enjoy;-)

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Journal Journal: Name that Skull

Name that Skull

Name the driving Skull. He/she's got a motor but has no name, please help. Have a heart don't let the Skull be name less!

How to make a skull for you car:

  • Find yourself a skull, don't use your own;-) ebay worked for me.
  • Wait until it arrives. Have a cup of tea, smile and wonder if this was such a good idea.
  • Buy 1 meter of metal strip, some nuts and bolts, and some evil glue. You can do it, when you B&Q it.
  • Saw, Drill and Weld the bits of metal together.
  • Stop for a cup of tea.
  • Glue the skull to the metal construction, and wait while it sets.
  • Fly BA to Germany with Skull in rucksack. Ignore strange looks as it goes through the X-Ray machine:-)
  • Buy some black paint from Bau Haus, and splash it on. Then obviously stop for another cup of tea.
  • Bolt the Skull to the head rest of the passenger seat.
  • And finally go for a Drive cup of tea. grin

Take a look at the photos here.

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