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Comment Re:doubt it (Score 2) 961

I'm not sure I agree with you, but to pick the 2 that are apropos here: Peaceful and leftist.

This bunch of loosely assembled hippies, anarchists, socialists and new agers doesn't have a coherent voice what-so-ever.

I haven't been down to Wall St. to see the current incarnation, but several dozen camped outside of the my office at the Woolworth building for a couple of weeks while protesting the mayor's budget a month or two ago. They were a nuisance, but certainly not threatening.

Comment Re:Finally some sanity (Score 1) 433

That's a stupefyingly facile take on the situation.

The wealth does not belong to the country, nor could the wealth exist without the structure of the civilization upon which it hangs. Should 90% of the cost to run the country be paid by those who take in 90% of the wealth benefit of the society? Sure seems like a fair way to approach the situation to me.

And to the AC below who claims that the 90%ers pay 90% of the taxes already, you are sorely mistaken. Do a little research into income tax vs. capital gains tax and what proportion of income is derived from each stream at various income levels. This is how Warren Buffett gets away with paying a lower tax rate than his secretary.

Comment Re:I Served Grand Jury..READ WATCH LEARN @ fija.or (Score 1) 528

I presume you have a link to the unequivocal evidence that water fluoridation offers substantial benefits to a population's dental health and no possible deleterious effects on any members of said population?

I'm not saying fluoride has no benefits for dental health, but neither do I agree that it is so clearly beneficial that it is necessary to medicate the entire population whether they would like to be medicated or not.

I'm happy to consider evidence to the contrary.

Comment Re:New Technology? (Score 1) 504

Windows XP + Stylus != iPad

Not even close.

This is yet another example of assuming that Windows is good enough for any purpose and the hardware is all that matters. Clearly it doesn't, or one of those products 'like the iPad' would have been a runaway success 10 years ago.

The single most important part of a computer from a usability standpoint is the human-computer interface. In the consumer market, usability is king. Good enough is fine for functionality (i.e. can it play music, movies, look at pictures and browse the web without looking at a manual or even thinking about the interface? Great, then it doesn't need 2 cameras, 3 USB ports and a terminal shell app built in). Apple is the only company that gets this, though Microsoft seems to slowly be learning. I haven't touched a WP7 yet, but it at least looks promising in the videos.

Comment Re:You need directions? (Score 1) 650

You should stop by the ESB on a week day evening sometime, especially on a clear though not particularly warm autumn night, and the lines will be almost non-existent. I avoided it for years until finally having a friend talk me into going up and we were up there in minutes. It's a bit chilly, but I wouldn't want to hang up there very long anyways. The views are stunning.
The Internet

Submission + - Why Digg Failed (or may)

beakerMeep writes: David Marcus, a user on Kuro5hin, recently put together an excellent piece on the perils and faults behind the workings of From the article: 'As I write, the top story on Digg is "Transparency in Social News", a newspaper-as-blog item that the Digg community have used as a little self-congratulatory pat on the back. I understand why Digg's users feel like they deserve to toast themselves now and then — after all, they've made the place one of the Web's Top 100 sites, and they've made Digg, Inc. upwards of $200 million.' Incidentally, as I submit this story to Slashdot, Digg has appears to have removed the story from the list of upcoming stories.

Submission + - Teacher + porn malware + students = 40 yr sentence

nettework writes: A jury in Norwich, CT has has convicted substitute teacher Julie Amero on four counts of risk of injury to a minor because she was viewing porn on the classroom computer during class. The 40-year-old and married Amero, who "did not even know how to turn off a monitor", was in charge of the class when the classroom computer (which was not behind a firewall because the school had failed to pay the bill) began spewing out pornographic images in windows she couldn't close. Because of a legal technicality, the jurors weren't allowed to see the full testimony of computer forensics experts Herb Horner, who (surprisingly!) discovered that the computer was infested with malware and spyware and that these pop-up images were the result. From a juror in the case:

The bottom line was that it didn't make a difference who or how the porn sites showed up on the computer...If you and your wife were watching an xxx rated movie the you put into the dvd player, you powered it up and you hit play, then went into the other room for a snack and your child or grandchild entered the room would you expect your wife to stop the dvd or just let it play because she didn't start it. No you would be upset as all get out.
She faces up to 40 years in prison, and her sentencing is March 2.
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Action Video Games Sharpen Vision 20%

brian0918 writes: Researchers at the University of Rochester have shown that playing action video games such as Unreal Tournament can quickly sharpen your vision. From the article: 'The researchers tested college students who had played few, if any, video games in the last year. The experimental group played Unreal Tournament for roughly an hour a day. The control group played Tetris, a game equally demanding in terms of motor control, but visually less complex. After about a month of near-daily gaming, the Tetris players showed no improvement on the test', but the UT players 'showed a substantial increase in the spatial resolution of their vision, meaning they could see figures like those on an eye chart more clearly, even when other symbols crowded in.'

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