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Comment Let's focus on the product (Score 1) 914

Why do most of the top comments have to be about bashing Apple? It's not news that they have questionable business practices. I, for one, am glad someone put out a laptop screen with this resolution in an industry that has just settled for 1900x1080 max years ago and doesn't seem to be very interested in changing it any time soon. Maybe now they'll be forced too.

Comment Terrorists win (Score 1) 1017

Terrorist know they'll never going to bring down America by blowing up a plane or building. Hell they could blow up 1000 planes and it wouldn't matter. What they really want is to terrorize the citizens into changing their way of life and making them live in fear. I'd say they're doing a pretty good job on that.

Comment Re:Does it work? (Score 2) 297

These companies have payed millions of dollars to buy patents. HTC didn't buy the IP therefore it has to pay a licensing fee.

I'm not a hater so the point of my question wasn't that Apple's claim is baseless (I honestly don't have the knowledge to take a position here since I haven't done any research). I agree that companies should be rewarded for their innovations but the patent system is so messy with the trolls and everything that I naturally take this kind of news with a grain of salt.

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