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Comment Everyone is right but.... (Score 1, Troll) 257

Okay I know they are putting this on the blacklist, but it isn't like you can't search for it anymore.
It's simply that 'instant' doesn't show it right away.
In my opinion a good thing so that any child misspelling anything (cumeleon --> Chameleon) and stuff like that, doesn't get inappropriate sites right away.
I think it's sort of a good thing.

Comment Arms Race? (Score 1) 253

Does no one here see the possibility of a new Arms Race?

Or even the potential for a new world war?

It still hasn't been established what to do with the moon when it comes to 'ownership'. Okay I have a patent pending on it, but hey, what are you going to do about it ;)

No seriously, if the Chinese want the moon you can bet your ass that the US wants it too.

I for one are slightly worried about this!

Comment Re:Isn't that like saying....? (Score 1) 347

Well thank you for that.

I have to admit I wasn't too happy with the analogy myself....

You could ask why post it then? Well otherwise I would never have gotten your response and learned from it :)

But I do not entirely agree with your analogy at that. If something is said to be true the opposite or negative or that does not need to true at that. This is not mathematics. I am of course speaking of your 'improved' version of my analogy


Comment Isn't that like saying....? (Score 1) 347

"Pirate Bay is a search page, and as such it is not responsible for the results"

Isn't that like saying that illegal gun selling doesn't increase the number of gun shot victims?

Sure, it isn't the same, but the fact that they are facilitators should count for something, as well it does in the case of arms selling.

Well just putting it out there.....

Comment Re:Not useful (Score 1) 259

Thnks and one of the things that really bugged me about the examples was that they were clear examples of a programmer. Those sequences or combinations would never be used in real life. I would rather have seen it show Bach's Prelude in C minor (or whatever) than these random itterations. I get the fact that he tried to show the possibilities, but still....

Comment Re:Not useful (Score 1) 259

Although your points are absolutely valid it still doesn't change anything to the fact that this isn't useful to actual composers! Which was my main point.

I absolutely agree with you that it is a good substitute for people who use notation once every now and again!

Plus inter-program-exchange of midi/notation files has always been a problem. Until a standard for this is conceived no 2 programs will be able to exactly share the same files.

Not only that, MIDI is so common and there are so many free programs out there that it is almost no trouble to download one and read the midi file, except for the fact that they often don't relay the correct info.

Comment Not useful (Score 1) 259

This is never going to be useful to actual composers. You want easy acces to what you are doing and not typing the letters. Plus can we listen to the notes? Quite important for a composer! Even Sibelius is sometimes somewhat gloggy and cumbersome and that's one of THE programs out there. Long way to go? I would say so!

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