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Comment Agnostic (Score 1) 695

Where the heck is an option for agnostics!? I don't believe in global warming, its not that sort of a thing. I don't know if its happening either, I am not a climate scientist. If id have to put down my foot somewhere, id say that the climate is probably warming, but I wouldn't draw any conclusions from it just yet. We have been measuring temperatures on our planet directly for totally insignificant time. So I'm agnostic. Polluting less is good regardless of the reasons why its done. So is reducing human footprint and developing a sustaining way to live because if its not sustainable there will be wars and famines and general mess to live through. If some people need a scary global warming monster standing behind their backs to strive for cleaner world, so be it. I don't. Oh, and man made is also natural causes. Men, us, in our existence are entirely natural. Us going extinct like the dinosaurs is also natural ;) Us surviving as we are is unnatural, so much so that its nearly impossible. We either evolve, transform and conquer the space or die. I guess that's what happens to most life in this universe.

Comment Re:Autism not necessarily all bad (Score 1) 247

It's as hard as learning to walk on wooden legs, hardness depending how much of your own legs you have left. But it will always be strange, like a man with wooden legs. I say hi to people. I never know when its appropriate, so I do it all the time just in case. Things you do without thinking and automatically I have to think about. And just like walking with wooden legs it tires you very fast. IT is good for people like me. Most of the day you can just do your thing quietly without too much communication.

Comment Re:This is racist! (Score 2) 327

Uh? If the mechanisms and inheritance are better understood it can lead ways to alleviate or avoid the condition. As someone who's significant other is officially diagnosed Aspie and a software engineer I'd like to know my odds and all the ways I could mitigate the risks. I would be perfectly fine with another Aspie/high functioning autistic in the family, but the more severe end of the scale scares me profoundly.

Comment Re:Really good question. (Score 1) 329

If you already can program then you can skip the QA and dive straight into debugging. Just one thing to remember tho, if the bug that's bugging you is present on the stable version that you are most likely to have, go get the development code first and check its still there. Then go join some developer haven where you can ask for pointers and then just dive into code. Developers are usually very very happy to see intelligent people capable of telling them where the bug is. don't rush to code a fix tho, without talking to developers first. There are many ways to fix an issue and most of them are wrong way of going about it.

Comment And thus Google became evil... (Score 1) 374

Oh well... Nothing we can really do about it. Ive been using google mail for my main email account for some time now. It will be hard to replace it specially because of the aggregation/generic mail client features. But I guess I have to, since in google's book I am with my extremely stable(15+ years in use) pseudonym a persona non grata. Many people have extremely good reasons for using pseudonyms. I'm not one of them. I simply chose a different name to live my creative/online life under and I intend to keep it. If Google thinks that makes me unfit to consume their services, then I will have to find something else.

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