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Comment Re:Excellent (Score 2) 386

Unless of course they've engineered the bacteria to eat fossil fuels. Wouldn't that be ripe!

Typically, Cyanobacteria utilize sunlight, water, and CO2, and then "exhale" oxygen, under aerobic conditions. The source of the CO2 is of interest here. According to Joule Unlimited, the source is "waste CO2", whatever that means. References to their super secret plans are linked to from Wikipedia (#19) from when it was first patented (sorry, can't seem to paste link here).

Comment What would Ozymandias do? (Score 1) 262

If only we could devise a plot to bring the studios together, in "one accord" against a common foe. Perhaps we could release our own version of the film to "half of new york" and convince the studios that there is another even more powerful and greedy studio out there willing to act if they don't work together ;)

Comment ...and are we becoming easier to fool? (Score 1) 580

A recent Atlantic article laments the fate of human intelligence as we do more and more of our reading and thinking on the Web. The basic idea being that the *way* we read influences *how* we think and ultimately our intelligence. http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200807/google With that in mind, I was wondering if we are making the Turing Test easier each year as the minds of the judges themselves approach hyperlinked machine ways of thinking. In other words, it becomes harder to distinguish between machine and human not only because the machines are becoming more complex, but *also* because the humans are becoming less so. Thoughts?

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