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Submission + - zero trust 2of2 Open Source Wallet (uses Electrum servers!) 2

lorenzino writes: have just released and open sourced a local/packaged Chrome application for accessing's zero trust Multisig HD wallets.
A quick introduction video, Chrome app,
which double checks blockchain data locally against electrum bitcoin network and they promise instant transactions as well as a ton of other features including social payments.

Comment Re:hm (Score 3, Informative) 205

Ok, I see you don't know the first thing about Bitcoin, too bad. Bitcoins can't be mined more than what has been defined on day one, no matter how many CPUs, GPUSs, FPAs, and (soon) ASICs you put at work. Nobody can do a heck about inflation in Bitcoin, no matter how large his resources. The (matematical) rules can be changed only id the majority of the network agrees to a new set. And guess what? Bitcoin is succesful *because* of that rules. Government money will always be scarce for someone (the majority of the people) and will always be printed at will by some other (a minimum minority). Bragging about criminal activities using Bitcoin is exactly the same as bragging about free speech. He who does not understand the importance of the latter can't understand the importance of the former.

Comment Re:hm (Score 4, Insightful) 205

Denying that there are huge organisations doing money laundering with dollars, euros and other currencies is simply burying his head in the sand. I'm sick of hearing ppl dismissing Bitcoin because "it helps money laundering". Bitcoin exists because conventional money is now far too regulated. And of course because in the 21th century we need digital gold... let the fools play with paper money you can print at will...

Doom-Like Video Surveillance For Ports In Development 56

oranghutan writes "A research and development group down under is working to develop an advanced video surveillance system for ports around the world that uses video superimposed onto a 3D map. With 16-megapixel high-definition cameras on a distributed (cabled) network and a proprietary system written in a variety of languages (C++, Python, SQL, etc.), the group from NICTA is aiming to allow security teams at the Port of Brisbane — which is 110km long — to monitor shipping movements, cargo and people. By scrolling along a 3D map, the security teams can click on a location and then get a real-time video feed superimposed onto the map. Authorities from around the world with the right permissions can then access the same system. The main difference from regular surveillance systems is the ability to switch views without having to know camera numbers/locations and the one screen view."

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