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Comment Wiping a 360 hard drive is idiotic (Score 5, Insightful) 106

Straight wiping of a 360 hard drive will destroy it for future 360 use. The hard drive security sector (hddss.bin) is stored on the disk and, if erased, will render the hard drive useless on a stock 360 console. The security sector cannot be "spoofed" or otherwise as each hddss.bin is unique to the specific hard drive on which it resides. Only by backing up the specific sectors where hddss.bin is stored before wiping, then restoring them afterward, will keep the hard drive usable in a 360 console.

There are hacking tools to convert non-360 hard drives into usable drives, but not Microsoft OEM drives. I can't believe the researchers recommended a straight wipe without this caveat.

Comment Re:Once You Know... (Score 1) 559

I have Amazon Prime, but I still buy my PC parts from Newegg. Part of it is that Amazon charges me tax, but most of it is because Newegg's service is spectacular. I accidentally ordered the wrong SSD and couldn't cancel my order (because they started boxing and shipping it right away), so I ordered the correct SSD on a separate order, intending to return the first. Once I realized their SSD return policy (no returns, only refunds/replacements), I was bummed. But I got in touch with a rep who made an exception and got me back my $250. As long as Newegg has this kind of support, I will shop there for electronics.

Comment Re:Community impact (Score 1) 162

Hit the nail on the head. I live just south of KCK and the only viable ISPs in the area are Comcast, Time Warner and AT&T. (SureWest is here, but is very limited in their availability.) All of them have caps and very limited speeds. If Google comes in and starts offering unmetered gigabit access to an expanding array of locations, it's only going to benefit the entire area. I've been considering leaving the area once I graduate, mainly due to lack of good Internet speeds and availability, but this will have me thinking twice about staying in Kansas City.

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