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Comment Re:The real tragedy (Score 1) 236

You are a stupid fucktard.

Here's Richard Feynman's review of the Challenger disaster:
Here's the report of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board:

The root causes are exactly the same. People in decision making roles totally unqualified to understand risks, no accountability. With sadly predictable effects.

With Challenger, the o-ring erosion was ignored despite the fact that they were never designed to erode.
With Columbia, the foam falling off was ignored despite the fact that it was never designed to fall off.

In both cases, it's the same fundamental problem.

So do yourself a favor and learn some critical thinking before making an ass of yourself.

Comment Re:i'm sorry... (Score 4, Interesting) 134

So to make things fair you're suggesting that

a) The top 5% should pay 95% of the federal tax burden, and
b) said top 5% should also have 95% of the voting power in federal elections.

Anything else would hardly be fair. After all, if a person has to shoulder a disproportionate share of the upkeep costs of the country he should be entitled to an equally disproportionate share of the political franchise.

Comment Re:Behold, a free market evangelists dream takes f (Score 1, Insightful) 666

This is unregulated laissez faire capitalism at its finest.

Don't be absurd. In laissez faire capitalism the shipping companies would be free to arm their vessels and hire guards to protect themselves from predation. Due to current international treaties, they cannot do this, thus creating an extremely uneven playing field. What this is instead, is A) Yet another example of the fallacy of unilateral disarmament. B) Yet another example of the fallacy of entrusting the defense of your life, liberty and property to the state. Think of it as a school that will suspend you for fighting should you choose to defend yourself against the bully who wants your lunch money.

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