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Comment Re:Unbelievable... (Score 1) 207

I wouldn't say that's the case of everybody. Yes, some people think that it's not important to make your code nice, but when I code (and many with me) we do it with pride and produce libraries well suited for public release if we wanted to.

There is a very high bar that we set onto ourselves.

The back side of the coin is that sometimes, we make demos really fast, and the actual _demo code_ isn't so well structured, but you can be sure the libraries behind it is.

Comment Re:If you have to ask why this is cool... (Score 1) 207

Yeah. If you would model a scene of this 64kb intro in maya or 3d studio max, one strawberry would easily take up 65kb of data excluding the texture. That's how densly "packed" a 64kb intro is.

Of course they don't store the data, they store the steps on how to create the objects and tweaks along the way. Intros generally have a pretty long loading time to create the data.

Comment Re:The reason you haven't heard about it (Score 1) 207

Many people from the demoscene go on to work for game companies later.

For instance, Alex Evans (known as Statix, famous demo scener from the 90's) went on to work for lionhead studios (peter le minoux founded, famous from Popolous on the atari/amiga) and created the popular game Black and White... then he went on to found Media Molecule who created little big planet.

I am a demoscener myself and I did some programming on a Texas Hold'em online game in the early days of poker online, but I went off to work with something else completely after that.

Game programming and demo programming are in many aspects the same thing. Even if a demo isn't user controlled, it is controlled somewhere along the path and some kind of interactive tools are often used.

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