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Submission + - Amazing free third party U.I. for PPC ? (

Silent writes: "PointUI's Home, to de released on 01.01.2008 (as their page claim) is (if not a hoax :))a new User Interface running on top of Windows Mobile Pro (touch screen required).
Not another attempt to get PPCs "look and feel" kinda like an iPhone, and far more than a skin or enhanced theme.
According to the video of the beta version, finger slinding navigation all the way, full new interface and Today Screen, easy access to all functions...
A brand new windows mobile experience.
And guess what ? It's free.

Could be shaking the PPC world, and making things (slighly) less easier for iPhone.

Sorry for my bad english, I'm french ;)"


Submission + - DARPA Urban Challenge - self driving vehicles 1

Colin Smith writes: The DARPA Urban Challenge L.A. to Vegas race is heating up. Qualification is due in October for the November 3rd race.

"On a quiet university campus across the water from San Francisco, an enthusiastic bunch of young computer boffins are working on what could be the car of the future."

Here's a question though. If cars can drive themselves, why would I bother to own one? Why not just call one when required, like a taxi. The primary cost of a taxi ride is the driver's wage, without that a taxi ride would be cheaper than a bus or train ride. Ironically this may sound the death knell for the taxi, rail, bus and large scale car industries world wide.

Submission + - PHP 4 end-of-life announced

GrouchoMarx writes: "Last week, the GoPHP5 project launched to encourage PHP projects and web hosts to fully embrace PHP 5 and drop legacy support for PHP 4. Now, the PHP development team has announced that they will be dropping all but critical-security support for PHP 4 at the end of the year and completely dropping all support on 08/08/08. Given the groundswell of support GoPHP5 has received, it looks like this will be the final one-two punch to knock out PHP 4 and complete the transition to PHP 5. After three years, it looks like PHP 5's day has finally come."
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Sony to discontinue 80gb PS3 in North America ( 1

RamblinLonghorn writes: "According to Gamasutra, Sony is planning to discontinue the 60gb model of the PS3, focusing instead on the 80gb model packaged with MotorStorm. This follows the price cut of the 60gb model announced before E3. According to a Sony Representative, "The US are currently transitioning from the 60GB to the 80GB mode of the PlayStation 3. When stock of the 60GB model runs out it will no longer be available in the U.S."

The previously announced 80gb version, will be left as the only North American model, with the 20gb model having previously been discontinued. The question we're left with is: What was the point of the 100$ price cut?"


Submission + - Neighbors Fight to Stop Backyard Windmill

An anonymous reader writes: It was bound to happen. Man wants to build a windmill in his backyard to obtain clean energy for his house. Main obtains correct permits and builds the windmill. Neighbors aren't happy and sue man. This is exactly what's happening to Michael Mercurio of Beach Haven Terrace, NJ. Mr Mercurio, whose windwill and 56 solar panels on his roof supply roughly 97% of his usage, is being sued by some neighbors because his 40' windwill is too tall, produces too much noise for their liking, and causes "strobe-like shadows" across their properties. Mercurio is fighting the lawsuit, not only because he wants to keep the windmill because of its positive environmental aspects, but because he is the owner of a 4 year old company which supplies and installs windmills. This may become an interesting test case for future home installations of windmills.
The Courts

Submission + - U.S. court denies Webcasters' stay petition (

Michael Manoochehri writes: "Reuters reports that a "federal appeals court has denied a petition by U.S. Internet radio stations seeking to delay a royalty rate hike due July 15 they say could kill the fledgling industry." This royalty rate hike, put forth by the US Copyright Royalty Board, will increase royalty rates for webcast music tremendously, in some cases to more per year than many webcasters bring in from revenue. Save Net Radio, a coalition of webcasters, is telling listeners that "We are appealing to the millions of Internet radio listeners out there, the webcasters they support and the artists and labels we treasure to rise up and make your voices heard again before this vibrant medium is silenced.""

Submission + - Computer Science basics for marketing folks 1

Anonymous Coward writes: "I am a Computer Science ex-programmer who now finds myself working in a Marketing department at a large software company. I find that many of the marketing employees are being asked to understand pretty complex products and technologies without having a basic understanding of networks, how a computer works, etc. I have been looking for a training course to send these marketing employees to but am not finding anything appropriate. I am hoping that members of this community might nave some ideas for me. thanks."

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