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Comment BIAS (Score 1) 219

I have a feeling these comments would be completely different if Paul Allen was never associated with Microsoft. He has the right to go after people for violating his patents. Who cares if people are "patent trolling" ? The point of patents are to protect your inventions and ideas, otherwise he may as well just have burned all his money and companies like Microsoft and friends would just be stealing more and more than they already do from people and getting paid.

Submission + - Powering Electronics with Bicycles On The Go (

Alanonfire writes: By attaching a small generator and a 12-volt battery to a standard road bike, a team of three engineering and communications students designed a system that captures the energy that is created as the bicycle wheels turn. That energy—collected whether the bike is stationary or moving—charges a battery, which, in turn, charges a cell phone or other small electronics.

Submission + - Will 3D TV Damage Your Eyes? (

An anonymous reader writes: The question to that answer may be somewhat irrelevant, as U.S. consumers already believe that there is a good chance it does, according to a new survey. 17% think it will definitely impair your visions and 55% are not so sure about the impact. It seems liek 3D TV makers have another big problem and it is not just content, ugly glasses or pricing.

Comment Re:More than that (Score 1) 222

There has been a number of studies that conclude that being out in nature while learning is most beneficial and suggests that the anxiety of big city life is actually quite bad for nurturing mental growth. I don't have any links for you, I have a few of the philosophy and psychology papers at home, but I'm not there.

Essentially they say that we don't notice the anxiety of city life until we get out of it. Some of the papers encouraged you to try reading (if you're a student) your textbooks in a park away from distractions of the city. I tried it and found that it was much easier to focus. They encourage the readers to remove items with flashing/blinking lights or lights that are constantly on from their bedrooms because the light penetrates through our eyelids while we're sleeping and distracts our brains. Kinda like how you can tell if the light is on, even when you close your eyes.

Anyway, I saw your post and thought you might be interested in those types of studies. Sorry I can't provide you details on the titles or authors. There was a recent study in the news with a group who went into a cell-dead-zone to get away from technology to do a similar study. Maybe if you can find that article, you can find their names and see if they've done any other research on the topic, or email the researchers and ask for more information.

I like that you pointed that out about kids too. When I was little, I was allowed to watch tv, but I spent almost all of my time outside. All the way until I moved to LA for college. But I was shocked to see that people in their teens spend so much time inside, on the computer or watching tv these days. Even in my teens I was outside skateboarding or riding my bike around and going to the river with my friends. Now kids go outside but they look like zombies on their iphones and androids. I use an iphone, but mostly for reading twitter feeds while I poop or looking up bus routes.

For your sleep issues, you're getting older and have to remember that stuff like caffeine starts to affect you differently and that you still need exercise. At my office they encourage us to get up and walk every few hours for about 10 to 15 mins and to stretch every hour. A doctor also told me a few things that helped me with sleep trouble too (I'm a systems test engineer for flight software, so I also stare at computers all day). Wake up everyday at the same time, even if you're gonna be tired. Don't drink caffeine after 2pm ( I think this varies per person). He basically said "only use your bed for sleeping and sex, don't lay on it to watch tv or reading, or whatever." Get moderate exercise and examine my diet. I actually went as far as to get a calorie counter app on my iphone to help me watch what I eat and to keep track of my vitamin intake and so on, it has really helped me, I had no idea that even though I thought I was eating healthy, I wasn't getting my vitamins, etc. I don't rely on it, but it helped me see what was actually good and what I just perceived was good for me.

I feel its in our nature to become anti-social. Especially people in technical fields. And it can be hard to socialize to begin with. All of my peers have had the same experience, if you go to a party and people say, "hey, what do you do?" and you reply "I'm a system test engineer for flight software for spacecrafts" they get a blank look on their face and for some reason they have to go outside or to the kitchen and the conversation just ends. Because they're expecting you to say, "oh I work at some small company doing web design" or something stupid. Because this conversation is ultimately designed to get you to ask them in return what they do so they can go off about how they feel what they do is the best thing in the world. Though I may agree, it dies before it gets there because they have no idea what I'm talking about.

Anyway, I really just wanted to say, "yeah, I hear ya."

Comment Re:Posthumous Birthday (Score 1) 461

Yeah... It would be 15 years old today if it were still alive.

(Coincidentally, 15 years is roughly 95 in IT years.)

Hey I have a Win95 machine in a box under another box in a room in a house that I don't live in. The OS still works, the computer just sucks (mmm, 66Mhz). I told my dad to toss it, but he's one of those electronics guys who says, "you never know when you might need to steal a piece off of that." I said "Dad, I just bought you an iMac, you can throw it away."

Comment Re:Fight to win, sue for peace when you can't (Score 1) 464

Linux is not a threat to Microsoft. Linux could only be considered a threat to Apple, if Apple were to be solely a software company. MS dominates the home computer market by a long shot. Its going to take many years for anyone to become a direct threat to Microsoft's livelihood.

I feel they make these announcements on purpose. They want to win back some lost support from people who have fled to the Free and Open Source worlds.

Comment Re:Poor timing (Score 2, Insightful) 671

I like your use of "*sigh*" to start your arrogant "I don't care about anyone but myself" post. It didn't make you come across as either:

1) A bad troll
2) A little kid

If your need to exercise your freedom of expression overpowers your ethics, you probably have some serious social disorders. I can tell that you don't share my morals or ethics, because you put yourself ahead of people around you.

Thanks for your reply, this is exactly what I was anticipating in response.

Comment Poor timing (Score 1) 671

During vietnam they made movies and tv shows about Korea, but not vietnam (as far as I'm aware). I think making a game about current conflict is stupid. Not only do we not really have the history to fully understand it, its a poor choice for those who are currently involved. Freedom of expression shouldn't overpower ethics they way some people think it should. If you wanna play this war game, go enlist in the Marine Corps. Otherwise, give them 20 years to deal with the trauma.

Comment postgreSql (Score 1) 235

I did a little bioinformatics in the past, and we were using postgreSql to manage our results. It was nice because you can create meaningful fields to query in the future. It took some time developing the system, but it really helped out in the long run. We had to consider errors in the readings of the results and had to incorporate a little bit of fuzzy logic into the tools we used to run comparisons on the database.

If you are at a university or near a university, the computer science dept may give a few students credit to build you a system that can handle it, so you don't have to.

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