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Comment Re:Way to go (Score 1) 509

Clever, but it just means that they've lost a segment of the market; the segment that plays a game in pirated form before buying it. Good luck winning that audience back at the expense of trying to make people who will NEVER pay feel bad.

Normally I'd agree, but for an $8 game it's more a clever joke that makes me curious about the studio and its other offerings.

Comment Re:I suspect their simulation is flawed (Score 1) 509

So certainly they will want to try it before they buy it. But if they like it and their friends like it, they will likely buy it if they can afford it.

Just like how only people who truly need it will take welfare. It has nothing to do with the fact that many people feel that they deserve to get "free" stuff just for being born.

Spoken like a person who has never known the shame of needing a little help just to make ends meet. I don't know if that really describes you, but if you believe most people getting living or food assistance are just entitled moochers, you are mistaken.

Comment Re:This is here, because? (Score 1) 931

I tend to think of it as a Slashdot community filled with raging Gods

I guess you still qualify as new here. If you pay more attention you'll see that's nonsense.

We can communicate instantly to any point in the world. We can see what happens in New York, Beijing, and Sydney in real time. We can fly, traveling faster than sound itself. We create and manipulate life on a chromosomal level. We discern the rotation, size and composition of planets in distant galaxies. We can obliterate this planet on a whim.

We are the gods of our ancestors; petty, jealous gods with power rivaled only by each other. All that we lack is the faith of our ancestors, faith in their gods, faith in ourselves and one another. Faith is a tool all atheists should embrace, because without it, we are nothing.

Comment Re:Sitcoms??? (Score 1) 67

Supanatural is hilarious. It's like a Venture Brothers take on the show Supernatural (and the like), but with female leads. It's a little rough around the edges, but I would absolutely tune in to that every week.

FWIW, it's produced by comedian Kristen Schaal, of 30 Rock, The Daily Show, Bob's Burgers. If you like any of those shows, you should give it a shot.


It's crystal skull o'clock.

Comment Re:90% (Score 2) 231

That might be because you were arguing for a bill that would limit our rights in the story about a bill that is going to limit our rights.

If you want universal background checks to pass and CISPA, not to pass, you are being logically inconsistent with respect to citizen's constitutional rights.

Please explain how applying background checks, already in place for brick-and-mortar weapon sales, to online and gunshow weapon sales limits your constitutional rights. I have yet to hear a rational, fact-based explanation to this assertion.

Comment Re:Google hates privacy (Score 1) 153

If it's anonymity you want, there's software for that. Anonymity online hasn't ever been guaranteed unless you take some steps to ensure that.

There's a vast difference between anonymity not being guaranteed and having every detail CCed directly to TPTB. There's also something to be said for NOT fetishizing security, particularly for people wrestling with personal shame.

Comment Re:Frustrating (Score 1) 153

in fact, the non-"anal probe"* companies will object to this variant.

Your mistake is in thinking that there *are* any of those

It isn't that they don't exist, it's that they aren't large and powerful enough to be heard (since they care more about quality of goods and services than naked profit). Time to activate the phone tree...

Comment Re:Google hates privacy (Score 1) 153

How is getting targeted ads going to "end the Internet as we know it"? Stop exaggerating.

Some people can't do healthy legal things publicly without risk of serious real world repercussions, from demotion and firing to risk of death. The internet has been a place where people can feed the parts of themselves that could ruin them (or others) otherwise. Repression and shame are killers.

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