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Comment Re:Refers to Observable Universe Only (Score 1) 194

When you think about it the measurement is always totally wrong. For one the measure stick is inside the universe and is thus incapable of measuring itself. Some things you just have no reason to know and this is one of them.
Time is also a relative factor in the universe so it too is not measurable and it is slowing down. Our brains being time-wise inter-spacial perceive it as speeding up.
It's that Timey Whimey thing "Dr Who * BBC"

Comment Re:Why not implement (Score 1) 86

That reminds me, time to apt-get a copy of open COBOL. Considering today's P-code and JIT runtimes, COBOL is like a suit and tie compared to C++/Java is a t-shirt and jeans with sneakers. For C# add a hoodie. haha. All the extensions and assemblies will just merge right in and our beloved dinosaur becomes my pet iguana.

Comment Re:Pluto's Glacier (Score 1) 33

Patience grasshopper! No really we paid for satellite with a large dish and all we got was dial suck speeds.Don't get satelite.
To be real it's the transmission speed that is causing the delays. We have not even learned that Sharon caused that gash at slow speeds when the wandering comet became a moon and in the process knocked Pluto out of circular orbit. (Theory).

Comment Slingshot method or balance of mass? (Score -1) 32

1) If I were to pose a theory as to how stars or planets escape a black hole then I would use the inject-reject velocity we use to slingshot spacecraft into stellar space. Photons, basically without mass can be captured but something with mass could swing through the field and be flung out. A black hole is so strong due to the amount of mass it has consumed thus immense gravitation forces. Using the bowl analogy a marble entering the bowl would normally settle to the bottom (our gravity at work here) can escape the bowl is it's velocity is great enough. Objects pulled into this immense field may combine under extreme pressure raising energy levels and combining mass with other stellar material and the object increases velocity and could be flung outward.
2) We don't know but black holes may reach an equilibrium with surrounding space having an effect on it's over mass thus having to eject some at points just as the sun pumps out energy and matter. Another example is the heavier elements that are unstable on earth would be more stable on massive planets and stars. These massive objects we refer to as black holes may just emit chunks at the same volume they consume.

Comment Re:Unintended consequences (Cake) (Score 1) 599

Freedom is like Cake you can't have it and eat it at the same time because once eaten or used it's gone. The eating part is where you can either have congress (legislation) control it or the Corps will. Phone and cable jack rates almost monthly. Although I have more channels to watch the content all sucks so I lost freedom to control it. Net neutrality speaks for at least the part where we have choice in the content we want to surf. Without it we will have to work through the same pile of crap load we get with cable to find that small website on programming a raspberry Pi or making your own fishing lures like gram-pa did before internet not like the young punk in Dicks sporting goods. Believe it or not once you give up NN you won't get it back the greed takes over and you loose the freedom of choice in content. As it is already search content is "dictated" to you now. We once had a search engine that worked when you had serious work to do now the results are polluted with unrelated crap. Sure we have a bazillion petabytes more data out there to search but it's still about hitting the content you want. Have to go, my sponsor wants the soapbox back.

Comment Re:The Secret of Nim (Score 1) 520

COBOL can suck in Math, Science and Physics with the best of them. C# and C++ just make better tools for the task. If you had a business that ran COBOL as it's primary language and needed to add bridge design into the code then all you have to do is extend the language with an available OOL that the system supports. This ability was available back in version 85. You could also drop F# on a server and take it to the next level!

Comment Why? Shotest Game (Score 1) 290

"According to some analysts, the development of hypersonic weapons creates the conditions for a new arms race, and could risk nuclear escalation. Given that the course of hypersonic research has acknowledged both of these concerns, why have several countries started testing the weapons?" The answer lies in the short game. Quickest move to checkmate to get to GAME OVER. Long wars have been a problem with the cost of deployment, supply routes, tracking assets etc. Getting a destructive payload on a target has so many advantages. Taking out an operative before he can end his call. Knocking out a battalion just as it makes it's first move. Stopping a terror cell when it is still locking and loading before they reach civilian areas. Even sinking a pirate operation approaching a merchant ship. They could all be reasons for the fast and now deployment and taking control.

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