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Samsung Galaxy Note II Source Code Released 32

An anonymous reader writes "Samsung has released the source code for the Samsung GALAXY Note II. This clears the way for custom ROM's for the smartphone. From the article: 'It's now been posted for the international GT-N7100 model, giving developers a peek at the 5.5-incher's inner workings and allowing them to get to work on new mods.'"

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 2) 80

Some TV's come with Netflix and (as mentioned by another user) web browsers. A lot of content out there is limited to specific countries; for example most Canadian TV networks (comedy network, space, etc) have TV shows available for viewing but locked to Canadian IPs; likewise for American networks and American IPs. Netflix, Amazon, etc, all do the same. If you could choose an exit node in any given country, you'd effectively have a nice proxy for these geographically locked services.


Submission + - Google +1 (

adleras writes: Google a lansat un nou layer social, pentru Google search engine, numit Google +1.

Submission + - Samsung Keylogger Stories a False Alarm (

Trailrunner7 writes: The panic that arose yesterday about Samsung allegedly shipping laptops that contained a pre-installed keylogger turns out to have been a complete mistake after further investigation by security researchers and the company itself. In fact, the controversy was the result of a false positive from one commercial antimalware suite and nothing else.

Several outlets reported on Wednesday that Samsung laptops had been found to contain a keylogger known as StarLogger right out of the box from the factory. However, upon closer inspection by security companies, the folder on the laptops that supposedly contained the malware was actually a directory that is part of Windows' multi-language support.

Comment Re:Oh Canada (Score 1) 359

What you have is supplemental insurance. 'Private Insurance' would be the equivalent of what your government provides (eg OHIP in Ontario)- except provided by a private insurer. The OP meant that it is illegal for a private insurer to offer health care insurance as a competing alternative to the public health care system. Supplemental insurance on the other hand is perfectly legal. Supplemental insurance covers things that the universal system doesn't, like drugs, private rooms, eye and dental, etc.

Comment Re:No contact with any ISP employees? (Score 1) 327

Meh, not always lucky.

I have shockingly different experiences with Bell Home phone and Bell Sympatico (internet)

When my Internet stopped working, I called them, got some outsourced call center, they confirmed that there's a problem, sent my problem up to the test centre. Sometime in the next week, I get a call and have to re-explain the problem. Some time a week after that, the problem went away, the lights on the DSL modem went green again, magically, and nobody from Bell ever contacted me to let me know it's good now or what the problem was...

When I moved and my phone wasn't working, I called at roughly 9:30 AM and before 11AM the same day, a Bell van appeared in my driveway. Problem solved in no time at all.

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