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Submission + - Day of Digital Archives (

Al Kossow writes: "Friday October 12, 2012 will be the second annual Day of Digital Archives. This blog/twitter project was created to raise awareness of digital archives issues. On this day, archivists, digital humanists, programmers, or anyone else creating, using, or managing digital archives are asked to devote some of their social media output (i.e. tweets, blog posts, youtube videos, etc.) to describing their work with digital archives. By collectively documenting what we do, we will be answering questions like: What are digital archives? Who uses them? How are they created and managed? Why are they important?

Last year's Day of Digital Archives featured more than 50 bloggers (many of whose posts can be viewed here through the archives) and more than 700 tweets. The topics of posts and tweets covered a broad range of activities from early discussions of the need for particular tools to announcements of completed products.

Do you create, manage, or use digital archives? Would you like to participate? Well then, check out the project blog at to find out more or just tune in there or to the hashtag #DayofDigArc on the 12th to see the results. Please also share this announcement with others you think might be interested."

Submission + - Uneventful 25th Anniversary of "Max Headroom"

Al Kossow writes: ABC's first episode of "Max Headroom" appeared on March 30th, 1987. It appears the 25th anniversary came and went without any fanfare, in spite of a revival of interest with the release of the series on DVD a few years back.

Submission + - Google Funds CHM Digital Repository (

Al Kossow writes: The Computer History Museum announced today that has provided a grant of $500,000 for the Museum to preserve its valuable digital collection chronicling the birth of computing through the modern networked world.

Support from will allow the Computer History Museum to create a Digital Repository infrastructure that will effectively preserve its present digital collection as well as future acquisitions, to prevent the loss of digital material through physical degradation and digital obsolescence, as well as support increased storage capacity, to allow the Museum to expand its collection to include new media, such as email, websites, databases and datasets.

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