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Comment Re:Supreme court to DOJ, Challenge Accepted (Score 1) 223

PJ, please come back, we miss you!

Actual dialog is: SCOTUS: DOJ, do you really want to give Oracle the power to control the world through over-reaching copyright? DOJ: Hell no... the original court got it right. SCOTUS: Cool. Justice is served. No reason to hand Larry all of Hawaii with a bow on it.

Comment Re:The SCO dementors (Score 2) 223

Too bad Groklaw is no longer active. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

If you go back and read the extensive coverage of the original trial, you would discover that you are arguing for the opposite of what the original court decided.

The decision was that the API _interface_ itself is not copyrightable, but the implementation behind that interface was. That is what open source (and any sane closed source) software project requires. The judge took the time to learn how to program Java as part of his research, and crafted a well-reasoned and documented response.

Comment In Canada, user of parking lots are empowered. (Score 4, Insightful) 1010

In colder parts of Canada, there are outlets provided in parking lots so that drivers can plug in their electric battery/block heaters.f - It kind of ruins your day to not be able to start your car because the oil has gotten too thick. I would not be surprised if the same faculties are available in Western US states and Minnesota. My thoughts on seeing the title was that good-ol' quote from Cool Hand Luke. - Whut we have heah is a failure to communicate.

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