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Comment suicidal update (Score 5, Interesting) 281

I actually had the issue of Windows 10 deleting its OWN partitions. computer started running funny, then it BSODed and then would only boot to a flashing cursor. Booted into repair only to find that my system drive was reporting as 100% available. not even the Windows 10 system partitions were present. nothing could read any semblance of a partition table from the drive to recover any of my data.

Comment it already is.... (Score 1) 404

...kind of.

stock is nothing more than a logical representation of something we assign a value to for the purpose of exchanging it between owners. the value is not based on the stock itself, but based on the demand for the stock. Now replace the word "stock" in that statement with the word "bitcoin".

so hes proposing to back a stock like item with another stock like item. yeah. no sense made there.

the only difference really between stock and bitcoin is that stocks are fully regulated where bitcoin is not. the regulation is what helps stabilize to a point the stock market whereas bitcoin is insanely variable.

Comment dont need enterprise grade (Score 1) 241

overall i used to have the same problem back in the day. heavy internet use would lock up my old Linksys router about every other day and had to manually power cycle it to clear it up. I ended up replacing it with a PC running a software firewall (originally OpenBSD running pf, now pfSense). all my wireless access points are basic Linksys units but they are running as stripped down as possible. they are really only wireless bridges and don't host any connections anymore. ALL services are handled by my pfSense firewall (DHCP, DNS forwarding, NAT rules, etc.) and I have had zero network lockups or burnouts since.

I have upgraded my PC to a beefed up desktop running VMware ESX hosting the pfSense firewall and now also a FreeNAS file server and an XP session to run my print server as well as my network media streaming for the house. I can easily saturate my 30 Mbit cable connection and still idle the server.. I should not see issues until i am trying to push 500+ Mbit, which wont be for a while.

Submission + - Free DynDNS all but gone (

AkumaKuruma writes: Users of the unpaid DNS hosting service provided by Dyn are being notified of a change in the SLA for their accounts. To further push users to the paid tier, free users are now required to log into the service at least once every 30 days or their hosts will expire. Having systems set up to automatically register changes in IPs for hostnames no longer count towards the login. DynDNS Pro costs $25 a year, with an upgrade promotion for Free users at $10 for the first year of service.

Comment depends on how its built (Score 2) 214

If the data center is built with the correct architectural planning and resilience, then no it shouldn't affect it at all. these are the same centers that withstood the Earthquake and the horrendous storms recently. Granted that Amazon was a casualty of the storms, but there were so many other organizations that ran without a single hiccup. this is the reason yo want to load balance your service across geographically separate areas. its highly unlikely that a hurricane is nailing your east coast center the same time the Mississippi is flooding your mid west center and an earthquake takes out your west coast center. SOME users will be temporarily inconvenienced, but the service as a whole will be online.

the main things that relate to a data center staying operational:
1) will the building physically survive the incident. no brainer.
2) can power be maintained, including generator support. no brainer
3) can the telco connections stay active. no point in humming servers if a tree takes out your connection to the world.

Comment Re:Reason? GNOME3 (Score 2) 535

all "Linux" is GNU/Linux. bare metal Linux would be just a kernel. GNU is the Operating System that runs on the Linux Kernel. you can swap the kernel out and get other combos, like Debians GNU/FreeBSD distro. I do agree that Linux should be a bit more genericised, but then the main distros loose the manageability they provide now. the compatibility checks that they all do on their internal code bases. as for patches and updates, most of them will float the changes all the way to the root of the application they are fixing, but have the ability to patch it in their spin of it faster.

Comment Re: (Score 1) 3

Wow. a whole 10 seasons to be aired in the spring. SyFy doing week long marathons of that then to shove 10 years worh of episodes into a few months? :-p still sad the show was cancelled, but the low viewership does make sense. the bad point is that viewership dropped because SyFy moved the show from friday night to tuesday. still dont know why they even show wrestling.

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