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Comment Business Speak (Score 1) 156

"Enterprise". Hate that word! It feels like one of those [many] vague and esoteric business speak words that managerial-types throw around meeting rooms to try and look clever.

I thought I'd quickly check Wikipedia before posting this in-case there is some precise and useful meaning of the term and straight away I notice there is a section on the page titled "Definitions" not "Definition". The first sentence of that section is: "While there is no single, widely accepted list of enterprise software characteristics, this section is intended to summarize definitions from multiple sources"

So nice to be doing freelance programming now and not having to receive instructions from managers. I use the word "instructions" loosely.

Comment Please Trust Them (Score 1) 298

Only terrorists don't want to protect intellectual property.

The best way to protect us from the terrorists, save the children and ensure corporate profits (so we can keep our economy in the good condition it is today) is to get rid of the DNS. Think about all the terrible information that DNS technology facilitates access too. We need some kind of new DNS system that is designed by politicians and outsourced to a trustworthy company like Lockheed Martin to implement.

I also think cars should be banned. Some people use cars for delivering drugs... and drugs are bad. If your not a drug dealer why do you need your own transport? Why not use buses and planes? Is it because you don't want to go through the naked body scanners and have your bombs and drugs revealed?

Really what we need are huge jails for everyone except CEOs and high ranking politicians. That would be safest... think of all the terrible things people can do given the opportunity to freely walk around outside. Surely if you don't plan to do these terrible things then you don't need to leave your assigned jail. Everything you need to live can be safely and lovingly supplied by the politicians and CEOs... direct to your jail. We could also, each have a microchip implanted under our skin with a unique ID stored within it. The government can then figure out exactly what our needs are and care for us even better.

Comment Re:Same Old Cisco (Score 1) 121

I love this discussion! I don't think I can contribute anything useful to it though. If a person (human person that is - not one of those fictional ones) has not realised by now just how bad Corporations are and just how much better the world would be if we completely removed the Corporate legal structure which allows these aberrations to come into being then there is nothing that can be said to wake up them up from their perpetual slumber... except maybe The Corporation

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 254

I thought it was pretty obvious from the article that A. E. Hotchner realized that the F.B.I. really had been monitoring Hemmingway. Hemmingway may have been wrong about a few points about how the F.B.I. was monitoring him, but he was right about many.

"Decades later, in response to a Freedom of Information petition, the F.B.I. released its Hemingway file. It revealed that beginning in the 1940s J. Edgar Hoover had placed Ernest under surveillance because he was suspicious of Ernest’s activities in Cuba. Over the following years, agents filed reports on him and tapped his phones. The surveillance continued all through his confinement at St. Mary’s Hospital. It is likely that the phone outside his room was tapped after all."

"In the years since, I have tried to reconcile Ernest’s fear of the F.B.I., which I regretfully misjudged, with the reality of the F.B.I. file"

Comment Reality (Score 1) 308


I've heard so many people say that nuclear fission, electricity generation can theoretically be done safely. I'm sure it can, but in the reality I live in these reactors are run by greedy Corporations whose sole remit is the procurement of profit for its owners and shareholders. How many environmental disasters caused by Corporations that do not and can not care about our planet and its inhabitance, does a person need to witness before they realise that we shouldn't be trusting corporations or our corporate-shill politicians to perform any kind of action on our behalf let alone power generation using nuclear fission reactors.

If we had a non-profit group of intelligent and loving people running these power plants with a safety-first attitude it would be better but it wouldn't be enough because all humans are fallible. We make mistakes - and that's ok for day to day decisions, but it's not ok when dealing with radioactive materials.

A while ago I put this point of view across to a guy I worked with and he thought I was being unreasonable. Only a year later the Fukushima Dai-ichi disaster occurred: I wonder what he thinks now.

Comment UK 2011 Census (Score 1) 176

From the article: "Microsoft is a U.S.-headquartered company, it has to comply with local laws" and thus under the Patriot Act, Microsoft has to serve any requests for data even if its "held in EU based datacenters".

Lockheed Martin -- another company with U.S.A headquarters -- were contracted to store and process the census data for the UK 2011 Census. We, the UK public have been ensured that our personal census data will not be accessible to the USA government using the Patriot Act.

Clearly these statements are mutually exclusive; both Microsoft and the UK Government can't both be right.

Comment Sad (Score 1) 254

What a sad story. It can't be nice being in a position where your friends and other people around you wont listen to you and treat you like you're crazy just because you are open minded enough to consider the possibility that some seemingly-fantastic concepts, might just be true.

It reminded me of the I, Robot (film) quote:
"Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy? 'Cause if it does, maybe I am."

Poor guy.

Comment Re:Chem-trails and conspiracies (Score 1) 151

From my research contrails are a completely normal part of air flight. My Grandpa was flying commercial passenger planes long ago. I asked him about it and he told me... "All engines emit water vapour, usually invisible. Given the right atmospheric conditions the vapour will condense into cloud. In the same way that normal cloud appears in many different forms, so contrails can be persistent, non-persistent, thick or thin and so can be short, long, narrow or wide and can remain as cloud similar to the Cirrus that you see at high level on a sunny day. Contrails are usually of ice and at high altitude. I must have released many 1000s of tons of water which became ice and cloud. So far no lumps have fallen on my head!"

I've also found plenty of evidence that chemtrails have been created in many different countries.
Here's a Germany news report which describes how the German Federal Army have been creating chemtrails:
There are subtitles in the video.
I don't think this is strictly chemtrails, but the Russians perform cloud seeding by adding silver iodide, dry ice and liquid nitrogen to the clouds to cause immediate precipitation:

So far I have been unable to figure out if there is a way of visually distinguishing the difference between chemtrails and contrails.

Really my point is... when you see artificial clouds in the sky it /might/ be a chemtrail, but it is much more likely to be a completely normal contrail.

Comment Re:Not climate 'skeptics' (Score 1) 504

Please stop refering to these people as climate 'skeptics'. They are climate 'deniers' - just like holocaust deniers and round earth deniers.

Your suggestion makes me think of a term I learnt in a media studies class, some time ago: "transfer of values by association". It's a technique often employed in propaganda such as television adverts.

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