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Its really amazing. Apple patent seeks to lock up jailbroken iPhones really grows too fast. This will bring intuitive ways for people to interact with devices. The possibilities will range from tablets, remote controls or in-car media controls is really a wonderful news. This will mean that I can pimp slap my way through this gadgets. I.m so excited having this gadget for my self.

Submission + - Rise in bacon prices a good sign in economy

Akilah writes: It may be disheartening the price for a pint of beer in Europe has risen to $ 6.30 due to harvest issues and a Russian wheat crisis, reports the London Telegraph. Unfortunately, there are also difficulties with bacon prices increasing. Last year bacon prices were cheaper. CNBC says the price went up 20 percent. The prices increasing is a good thing considering the U.S. economy. Of course there are some people a little upset by the whole idea of paying more for bacon. Resource for this article — Rise in bacon prices a squealing good sign for the economy by Personal Money Store.

Bacon is going to be $ 4 per pound for those bacon lovers Apparently the supply-and-demand and why the bacon prices have gone up, says the Department of Agriculture. The recession has caused more to get rid of their pigs. Tomatoes are in season meaning more people are wanting BLTs, which requires bacon of course. Bacon is something needed for BLTs. Those are hot in demand with the tomato season going strong. The National Review says this is "Obama's Next Crisis."

It may be hard for some but is nevertheless wonderful for the economy The National Review didn't explain all the good things that come from this. Consumers are planning to invest more of their carefully hoarded money in bacon and bacon-related products – basically, luxury items. It's a step in the right direction, for when individuals reach for luxury items, things tend to be going better as a whole, economically. Research firm Allendale, Inc.'s Rich Nelson explained that "They may not be getting steak rather than hamburger, but they will put bacon on their hamburger or other things." Bacon tends to be in more items at restaurants because of this.

There's more fattening with bacon around Pig farmers will no doubt respond to increased demand by expanding their hog stocks. Nelson speculates that by mid-2011, bacon prices will start to drift down. In the interim, some consumers may settle for the generic bacon brands, which are typically fattier and leave eaters with less meat after cooking as the fat melts away. According to Jason Mosely of Mr. Baconpants, "Your BLT deserves the best bacon you can afford!" although most know the economy must be recovering because of the greatness of bacon, including CNBC's Heather Lauer. Then everyone will celebrate Sept. 4 with patriotic fervor, for that is International Bacon Day. This really is the case.

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The only problem with bacon is that it makes you thirsty for more bacon.

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