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Comment you're looking for kinesis (Score 1) 310

The Kinesis ergo contoured is a split concave keyboard that uses cherry brown mechanical key switches. The key layout is programmable, ex to move the right thumb spacebar. This is my work keyboard. I do not know what key switches the other kinesis keyboards use.

In the non split variety that I have and use,

  • Filco Majestouch fkbn104m/eb, brown step cherry, my gaming keyboard
  • scorpius m10, blue cherry, server room keyboards, inexpensive and I can tell
  • topre realforce, some custom mechanical, laptop/traveling keyboard
  • some original ibms

Comment Re:Conveniently forgetting the details (Score 5, Informative) 929

Having been there, Isreal isn't even remotely 'western-civilized'. An American should seriously fear for their life there unless they know the ins and outs of that culture. God forbid you slip up and accidentally order a pepperoni pizza (my mother was ousted from the building) or stand in front of a muslim en route to prayer (my brother was picked up and thrown headfirst into a barrel of fish). A tour included a popular shootout spot, complete with bullet holes on either side of the alley. The airport we left from was bombed the day after we left. That place is NOT 'western-civilized', or anything civilized, or even safe.

Comment Re:As an UNIX admin... (Score 1) 316

Also any message that double bounces to postmaster, gets marked as spam (by a human), or breaks webmail, outlook, or a mail server in any way. All of those get investigated. Delivery problems get forwarded with full content attached by customers to isp staff. Customers ask isp staff to rumage through their mail and delete large messages. As a sysadmin I see way more personal email than I ever wanted to (sexting and cams that use email == pine4life).

Comment Re:Sounds like a bunch of buffalo (Score 1) 199

I've always been fond of HyperLink stuff. I'm not affiliated with them. Linksys uses standard connectors, so any 2.4ghz antenna or amp with the correct connector will work ('N' type last I checked, been a while). Easy enough to google up pictures of different antenna connectors so you get the right one.

Comment Re:Okay, I read the ISC alert. (Score 1) 197

Only a fool would configure public-facing DNS servers as masters

At a minimum you're going to be 'type master' for localhosts forward and reverse and broadcast zones as per rfc1912. You're also going to be master for rfc1918 space if it's a recursive name server. The word 'master' in the context of this bug is the bind configuration option 'type master', present in ?all? bind configurations, not the name server that controls updates to others.

Comment Re:The reasons for SSL (Score 1) 432

Firefox doesn't complain when a certificate changes, it complains if a cert is invalid, exactly the same as it did the first time. You have to remember yourself if you accepted that certificate in the past or not. That's quite a bit different than ssh which clearly differentiates between initially accepting a key (one line accept yes/no?) and when it changes (full terminal height, all caps, outlined dire warnings).

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