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Comment Re:Not about greatness (Score 1) 641

How was this Microsoft's fuckup? The extended support termination deadline was published more-or-less a full decade in advance. The onus was on you to work around that fact- it's hardly as though you've been pressed for time. They had their cards on the table from the start. If their solution wasn't right (or indeed, as is the case now, safe) for you in the long term, the mistake's on your part for not having chosen a more sustainable solution. Microsoft's supported XP for thirteen years now. They've more than fulfilled their support responsibilities.

Comment Re:The US isn't all first world. (Score 1) 337

In order to lure the best people into becoming doctors, you need to pay them well and allow them to charge market rates for their services, and having a socialized system doesn't allow for that.

Really? Do you have any idea how much British Doctors are paid?

Have a gander at their pay levels on the NHS Website.
They're extremely well paid, by British standards. Heck- better qualified doctors get well into six figures per annum.

Comment Re:Their Dark Intentions Remain (Score 0) 54

The saddest thing about this sorry situation is that the all-but-inevitable winners of the next election, the Conservatives, aren't at all likely to be any better than New Labour in that respect- barring a once-in-a-century Liberal Democrat election victory, we're in for at least another five years of British Conservatism's nauseatingly public-spirited new incarnation.

What good is Democracy when there are no significant alternatives?

Comment Re:The Facts vs Global Media Reporting. (Score 0) 552

These devices are only used to disperse gangs which have already accumulated and who are causing trouble.
They are not emitting this sound on a constant basis, and are just fired for very short periods of time as required.

I live in the UK, and can honestly say that that's just not the case in many places. The branch of McDonalds in my local city (Derby) keeps that ghastly noise on nigh-on constantly. In fact, I've never noticed it turned off- don't give me that condescending "It's not meant to be used like that!" rubbish- the fact remains that it is.

Not all teenagers are the thugs you appear to be describing- I'd say that it's unfair to punish the majority in response to the actions of a few idiots. And the sound is insanely annoying.


Submission + - Google going down the drain in China (

gaz_hayes writes: "Want to know why US web companies never seem to make it in China? Successful US websites are targeted by Chinese government backed companies who copy the site, deploy it on a .cn domain, and then DNS poison or forcefully lower the bandwidth the US site. Just a few weeks ago and were DNS poisoned accross the entire Chinese internet and were being redirected to their Chinese competitor Baidu. This probably explains Google's 3rd quarter market share in China."

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