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Comment Re:Translation: We Don't Have Gigabit Fiber (Score 1) 573

I'm paying $100 for 50 mbps but it's capped at 400 gig per month, I can use my maximum bandwidth for under 19 hours before having my internet shut off. They give me the speed but really don't let me utilize except for short bursts. I'd rather take half that speed for double the bandwidth, but then you're able to stream HD way more and with that many more people would cancel cable tv to just utilize netflix, amazon and hulu.
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APB To Close Mere Months After Launch 185

APB, the action MMO created by Realtime Worlds and launched at the end of June, will soon be closing its doors. The game was very expensive to make, and news of the studio's financial difficulties has been circulating in the wake of disappointing sales numbers and reviews. Today, less than three months after the servers went live, community officer Ben Bateman announced that service will be discontinued shortly. One of the developers said, "In every way APB was a dichotomy. I have witnessed the project alter from a fragile and delicate entity used to show the world the depth of our vision through to the sturdy beast we released to the public. There were the unusual errors and crashes which are to be expected, but it worked. Once in the hands of our community I have never seen something elicit such a polarization of people. It was dismissed as overhyped and broken or else taken to heart to be loved and cherished, buoyed on by a fanaticism I was proud to have played a part in bringing to the world."

Facebook the Most Dangerous Social Tool For Businesses 142

wiredmikey writes "According to a recent study Facebook is by far the most popular and most dangerous social media tool among small-to-medium-sized businesses, with 69 percent of respondents reporting that they have active accounts with this site, followed by Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Facebook is also the top culprit for malware infections and privacy violations, e.g. the leaking of sensitive company information. YouTube took the second spot for malware infection, while Twitter contributed to a significant number of privacy violations. For companies suffering financial losses from employee privacy violations, Facebook was again cited as the most common social media site where these losses occurred, followed by Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn."

Comment Re:What's so bad? (Score 1) 193

They're private tweets, the only way someone will get that info is by hacking your twitter account. Your bank account isn't ever known, that's tied into your twitter name on the banks system. Make a special private twitter account that doesn't have any personal info at all on it, if it gets hacked nobody knows who's it is, you create another twitter account and go to the bank to switch it over. It's just an easy way to get your info without having to be on the internet, just sms a message and get it sent back to your phone in seconds.

Comment Re:What's so bad? (Score 1) 193

They also let you do transfers. Which was in TFS if you bothered to read it. You can do this without sending account numbers (just use account suffixes) but what happens when your twitter account gets hacked and someone transfers all of your money from your checking suffix to your savings? Say hello to overdraft fees.

If your twitter account gets hacked you just call up the bank and disable the twitter feature till you get the problem fixed or a new account?

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