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Comment Re:Main application? (Score 1) 80

Active studio monitors, with one local amp pre driver, are a reasonably cheap way to get fantastic sound. However most people will really notice on headphones which are getting amazingly good value for money these days. I see quite a few people listening to high-end headphones on the train. Unless they are tone deaf, they will definitely hear a difference.

Comment Microsoft will soon kill it (Score 1) 102

They are getting loads of publicity about their Windows 10 that actually transforms the Pi into a vegetable. People will read the articles and think, "I must buy one of these and install Windows 10 on it". Having done so its vegetative qualities under the Windows 10 curse come out in full force and the poor punter has to return it as it "wasn't as good as expected". Then tells all his friends how "rubbish" the Pi is.

Comment From their website.... (Score 1) 371

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum at consectetur sem, eget tempus lacus. Curabitur at cursus est. Suspendisse lectus lorem, porttitor sodales porttitor ac, dapibus eu lorem. Nullam in sodales dolor.

As a landlord/employer I would be totally sold by that irresistible sales pitch!

Comment Dosconnect the MPAA for persistent whining (Score 2) 263

As I understand they are they ones with the problem that they need to address. I can quite happily live without watching any more films. In fact I did for many years before downloading became possible. Then I developed an interest in films and even started visiting the cinema once in a while. Based on my own experience piracy = promotion. They should be grateful.

Comment Still makes a great server (Score 1) 99

I use it in at least one application where I need a simple server that consumes negligible power, has a wired network connection, has no moving parts, read-only FS and for all the above reasons will probably run for years and years without failing.

I thought about using an old PC or server but the noise, power and space requirements, long-term reliability, cooling requirements and electricity bills are kind of off-putting.

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