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Submission + - GCHQ distributing malware to LinkedIn and Slashdot users

Aim Here writes: If you're reading this, it's probably too late.

The latest Edward Snowden scoop, from Der Spiegel is that GCHQ hackers have targeted Belgian telecommunications employees by spoofing social networking sites (LinkedIn and Slashdot are mentioned) in an apparent man-in-the-middle attack, and infecting their computers or devices with malware. The very fact that they consider ordinary telecom employees in a NATO country to be worth spying on is newsworthy in itself, too. The article ends with quotes from GCHQ documents suggesting that they plan to turn every mobile device into a piece of surveillance equipment.

At this rate, the most newsworthy items will soon be the revelation that some gadget or other isn't spying on you.

Submission + - SCO vs Novell: Novell wins

Aim Here writes: Breaking News: According to Novell's website, and the Salt Lake Tribune, the jury in the SCO vs Novell trial has returned a verdict: Novell owns the Unix copyrights. This also means that SCO's case against IBM must surely collapse too, and likely the now bankrupt SCO group itself. It's taken 7 years, but the US court system has eventually done the right thing...

Submission + - UK ID card service footguns with online ad 2

Aim Here writes: According to The Register, a new Flash advertisement for the controversial identity card system from the UK government's Identity and Passport service shows exactly how the card could be used by a tyrannical government. The ad shows a number of cartoon fingerprints claiming to be 'Spartacus', until the real ringleader gets singled out, presumably for crucifixion, by his identity card. One wonders how the obvious message 'Identity cards will make the world safe for slavery and government tyranny' was lost on the makers, or if the anti-cards pressure group 'No2ID' could have made better anti-card propaganda if they tried.

Submission + - Australian Police: Don't bank with Windows 1

Aim Here writes: At the New South Wales hearings into cybercrime, Detective Inspector Bruce vad de Graaf testified, on behalf of the government, that there were two rules he used for internet banking. The first was to not click on hyperlinks to a banking site. The second was to not bank using Windows. Instead, he suggests using an iPhone, or booting with a Linux liveCD, citing Ubuntu and Puppy Linux as examples.

When even the government says your product is too unsafe to use, have you lost the FUD game?

Submission + - Cryptome TOS'ed by Verio

Aim Here writes: Cryptome, John Young's controversial website devoted to discussion of cryptography, the intelligence services, surveillance and related matters, is reporting that it's ISP, Verio has given it notice that it's service will be terminated, for a violation of Verio's acceptable use policy on the 4th of May. So far, there's no word on what that violation actually is.

This certainly isn't the first attack on cryptome. In it's time, cryptome has attracted the unwelcome attention of the FBI, the Readers Digest, the Mormon Church, the High Court in Northern Ireland and the MPAA, among others. With a roll call of enemies like these, was it just a matter of time before someone found a way to shut down Cryptome?
Linux Business

Submission + - Novell won't be banned from distributing Linux

Aim Here writes: In an earlier article, Slashdot quoted Reuters as claiming that the FSF might try to ban Novell from using Linux. Eben Moglen of the FSF has responded in an eweek interview, claiming he was quoted out of context, and that his quote in the article merely refers to the upcoming version 3 of the GNU General Public License. Was this all just an honest mistake, an eager journalist overhyping a weak story, or part of a wider campaign of sinister anti-FSF FUD?
Operating Systems

Submission + - Kernel developer arrested on suspicion of murder!

Aim Here writes: Hans Reiser, the developer of the Reiserfs and Reiser4 filesystems in Linux, has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his estranged wife, Nina. Although Oakland police have yet to find a body, they claim that they have enough circumstancial forensic evidence to form a case against Reiser. Hans and Nina Reiser had been involved in an acrimonious breakup prior to the disappearance.

How any of this affect will the arguments over whether and how Reiser4 is to be accepted into the Linux kernel is uncertain.

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