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Comment Re:Perhaps it's time to give it a spin (Score 3, Interesting) 45

I found it nice for playing on SPARC32. The Linux distros have dropped sparc32, with Debian Etch being the last one I know of - if there's another I'd love to know about it. The linux kernel still supports sparc32, if you can find a distro to run it in. The NetBSD way of doing things took some adjusting, but its worth it to run modern software on some really old systems - like Sun2/3!

Comment Re:They may not be able to open source it (Score 1) 331

I vaguely remember discussion of some technical issue that was a big deal around the time of Win 3.0, that Alan Cooper solved in the Tripod prototypet.. Something like the "CX/DX register problem" (problem with calling conventions, DLL/OLE stuff maybe?). Might be interesting (ok, to a very, very small number of people) to see it. Maybe somebody else remembers the issue and can describe it better than me. Knowledge is much more widespread now, though, so whatever this was, its probably well known now if there's any value to it.

Comment Re:Oh the pain... (Score 1) 166

Here's my experience with MUMPS. About twelve years ago, I interviewed with a shop that used it. One of the interviewers told me, a little smugly, that MUMPs was so powerful, that nobody can be productive in it for at least a year. Then I got a one paragraph description of it and was asked to write some basic programs, using pen and paper, with someone watching. My recollection was it was a bastard child of assembly and LISP. There were lots of parentheses, but only register variables to work with. (That doesn't seem to match the wikipedia description, but it's the description I got at the time.) The place probably didn't have a choice about using it, but they seemed convinced it was the best thing ever. I'm not too broken up over not getting that job.

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