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Comment Re:Web Sockets in Firefox 4 (Score 2, Informative) 145

No, it does not. Some inexperienced "security researcher" posted an invalid PDF document placing the fault on WebSockets for a vulnerability in other software. And some Mozilla exec blindly skimmed the document and accepted it as fact and had websockets disabled. But in reality, there fault has absolutely nothing to do with WebSockets, and the fault CAN NOT be fixed in WebSockets. Mozillas suggestion to the problem simply removes the ability to use WebSockets as a vector for the attack, but the attack is still doable by every language on the internet that can create a TCP connection. In other words the exploit is doable on Flash or Java. WebSockets need to be re-enabled ASAP and Mozilla needs to apologize for blindly accepting a document without verifying its credibility. It seriously took me 15 minutes to read the document in full and fully understand the underlying vulnerability and realize it has absolutely nothing to do with WebSockets. Its sad an exec spent less time than that and set their browser back a few years on false grounds. Note: Google was smart and has not disabled WebSockets, maybe cause they RTFD

Comment Re:Correct (Score 2, Informative) 522

Wrong For one, google only saves QUERIES as the "trends" etc for auto complete. When you type the browser realizes this is a real address and goes straight to it... now if you type plain 'slashdot' into the url bar, it will then query google, I hate to tell you guys a little secret, Firefox does the EXACT SAME THING!

Comment Re:show off your programming skills (Score 1) 441

I guess I feel lucky, I didn't even meet anyone from HR until my first day. My managers of our group is the ones who interviewed me. And at a previous job before this job, all the developers were in the interview too. But some tips on how I landed this job, show commitment. Show them your the kind of guy that rather be programming some personal project at midnight on a Friday night instead of clubbing. Show them quality and quickness is your goals. And as I really like to break it down, show them you are NOT a career developers. I really boil devs down to 2 classifications, career developers and real developers. Career being the ones who went to college for it just to get a nice job. they don't care about doing an excellent job, they just want to do the bare minimum, and when they leave the office, never touch programming again until they are back in the office. Show them you are NOT one of those kind of people. Show passion for what you do.

Comment not google (Score 1) 2

That site is not owned by Google. What made you think it was? Google most likely requested that the owners redirect users to is why the domain acts as it does, however Google does not own it and its hosted on a server that malware authors are using with other domains too.

Comment Re:Website full of drive-by downloads (Score 1) 319

The link in the Slashdot abstract, to causes Norton Security to throw a fit about no fewer than _164_ drive-by downloads on that site. What an unfriendly link to provide. Serves me right for attempting to actually read the article.

You're PC is infected with multiple malware/viruses. 1 of the viruses is called Norton. So first remove that Norton virus by going to Add Remove programs, then go to to install a virus scanner, and scan for viruses. The ostatic website is clean.

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