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Comment Re:What the fing f ?! (Score 1) 304

But that's SOCIALISM!!!!11!bang!!

I was all for single-payer. So were most Democrats, but the theory was that single-payer wouldn't fly with the Republicans, so we got Romney-care relabelled as Obama-care to get it to pass. In hindsight, as I recall, they couldn't get any Republicans to vote for it anyway, so the pandering to delicate Republican sensibilities (probably also pandering to DINOs) was useless. Should have had the single-payer, government option in there as well.

Comment Re:No VBA Compatibility == No Go (Score 1) 236

I was extremely surprised when my Excel spreadsheet that uses a VBA macro opened perfectly in LibreOffice 4.4. I have no idea how complete the VBA compatibility is, but there definitely is some. I suggest you try your Excel spreadsheets using VBA in LibreOffice; they might just work, or might only need very minor changes. My VBA usage is not enormous, so my success may not be representative, but it's worth a shot.

Comment Re:I think they have a point (Score 1) 308

The way to fix that is to just use remote desktop over the VPN. Then the machine that needs fast access to the files is on the fast network. You have fast access to everything that way. The machine that displays the desktop can be anything, and cheap; the machine that you really use can be fully virtualized (although I just use a regular desktop at the desk I never visit; it could be moved into a data closet or onto a shared VM box and I wouldn't care).

About the only thing that doesn't work well over VPN remote desktop is video (a smarter remote desktop could deal with that, but I haven't seen it personally). My job doesn't involve video at work anyway.

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