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Comment They could off just asked me if it was legal (Score 1, Interesting) 226

...because I spent 1.5 years of my life @ running reports and collecting data as discovery for the lawsuits of record companies, publishers, individual artists, and whomever owned any percentage of any playback rights in any country (and yes this means people who owned less that 1% of a song's rights in Turkmenistan).

Comment Re:I wouldn't cite those projects if I were you (Score 4, Interesting) 29

While I would agree with the OP that a lot of these projects target the needs of large, FB-like companies, Reactjs and Flux (Flux is a pseudo-framework for React) are really nice alternatives to heavier options like Angular and Backbone. If you're building with JS on the front end then definitely take a look; the speed advantage over Angular is ridiculous.

Comment For clarification (Score 4, Interesting) 215

2 clarifications for the summary, since I was the 10th engineer at and worked there from 1999-2003:

- We lost to the record labels/publishers not because we gave people access to their music, but because we compiled the music library and streamed it without paying the labels/publishers any royalties. Our strategy was to buy a copy of the CD ourselves, rip it, then claim fair use doctrine when we streamed it to someone else who also owned it. This was a supposed grey area in the law that got cleared up REAL FAST in a media-friendly district court. Services that you see now are paying royalties on what they stream. later sued its lawyers that gave the advice on the so-called "grey area" it tried to go through.

- We where not a Silicon Valley company, we where in San Diego. Perhaps if we where SV we would of gotten better legal advice :p

Comment NFL2k (Score 1) 193

NFL2k did look amazingly awesome at the time. I remember standing in a mall watching the computer play itself, Eagles vs Rams. The Rams threw for a touchdown and the guy standing next to me turns and with a straight face says, "I didn't think the Rams would pull that out". To this day I don't know if the guy thought he was watching a real game or not.

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