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Comment Re: Shocking (Score 1) 283

A licensed professional engineer would have been bound by their professional code of ethics to hold public safety paramount above all else, even if it hurt their career by doing so.

So what exactly happened here? Were there no professional Engineers involved with the design, or did the professional engineers who were involved violate their professional code of ethics?

That sure worked for Challenger.

Comment Re:Why can't they roll it back? (Score 1) 78

Serious question: In Debt of Honor there was a hack directed against the NYSE. They rolled back all transactions for the day. In a bank hack no one took physical cash. If they can show the transactions were fraudulent, why can't they just reverse it?

In Dept of Honor, only the transactions with US exchanges where both sides were recorded and could be changed were rolled back. External transactions were beyond their control.

Comment Re:Should be illegal (Score 1) 56

Pricing their video service over cellular implies that the cost of the cellular hop is zero, and that the expense of transmitting the video to the viewer is all in the Internet link. Since their own video service is hosted locally, there is no Internet bandwidth consumed, and thus the price should be zero (which was what Netflix offered these guys for free on their landline ISP service and they turned it down). For a market economy to function properly, the minimum pricing has to reflect the expense incurred by the seller.

I might agree with this argument however ISPs do *not* charge based on transit, peer, and local usage. If I transfer data between two adjacent subscribers of the same ISP, it does not get zero rated. Many services would be happy to meet peering requirements for essentially free transfers but ISPs deliberately avoid this in favor of their own services.

Comment Re: Bootloader jeopordizes your audio hardware (Score 1) 116

You don't put a "protection circuit" in, you specify speakers that can handle the max power output of the amplifier, and if you can't do that for some reason (space constraints maybe), then you design the max gain of the amp so it can't damage the speakers.

It can be a difficult compromise. If the amplifier output cannot damage the speakers under any condition, then the speakers are larger than necessary. If the output level is limited by clipping, then this can increase harmonic distortion enough to damage the speakers anyway.

Comment Re:Sour grapes (Score 1) 1429

I know I'm not the first to point this out but this tendency for old professional politicians to run is likely a big reason why Trump won. Trump is just as old as Clinton but he appears to be in better health and hasn't been a politician for 50 years like his Republican primary competitors and the Democrat general election competitor. People don't like professional politicians any more, assuming they were ever liked.

I have only seen this point brought up in one article. Trump not only won against Hillary as the anti-establishment candidate, but he won against the Republican politicians in the primary in the same way which is why the Republicans were so pissed off.

Comment Re:Sour grapes (Score 1) 1429

That's why we USED TO have a Senate. When the Senate changed to popular vote instead of appointment by the state governments it became just another House of Representatives.

A majority of states were already electing their US Senators by popular vote before the 17th Amendment so it made little difference.

Comment Re:Change the law (Score 1) 1429

It's not ironic at all. The democrats weren't the ones that started the recount process, it was a third party candidate after reading a study that showed a marked discrepancy in votes between paper districts and e-voting districts. Regardless of the outcome of a recount, if a recount is what it takes for people to finally accept the results of the election then that's a good thing.

Yet coincidentally Stein only selected states which could make a difference for Hillary. The Democrats made it clear to Hillary that forcing a recount would just look bad for them but nothing prevents them from using Stein as their stalking horse and apparently Stein is happy to go along with it.

Comment Re:Change the law (Score 1) 1429

To clarify, I think far better of him than that, but I'm somewhat surprised he would be eager to fight for a group who treats him that way.

They still share a common interest in defeating Trump or at least Lessig believes so. Sanders supported Clinton even knowing that she and the Democrats had cheated in the primary election against him. Like nations, politicians have interests instead of friends.

Comment Re:Amen Namarrgon! (Score 1) 29

And now you can get an Eneloop Pro AA in 2500 mAh capacities, with far lower leakage & more lifetime cycles than anything from those days. And D-cells go up to 11,000 mAh.

The low discharge NiMH cells are pretty good and they have a higher capacity than any NiCd cell but they are still not as rugged and do not last as long as industrial (but not consumer) NiCd cells. The low discharge and high temperature NiCd cells which use a thicker and tougher separator seem to last forever.

Comment Re:Amen Namarrgon! (Score 1) 29

In my classroom, I have 1980s D size Radio Shack NiCad batteries that are 1.2V 1200 Mah. My students are asked to compare them to modern NiMh AA batteries rated at 1.2V 2600 Mah. We then compare them to roughly AA sized LiPo batteries that are 3.7V 2000Mah batteries. To compensate for battery size, we calculate volume as well as wattage.

The bottom line is that if you have not noticed the steady progress of battery technology over the years, you are at fault.

The battery progress in this case is obscured by marketing. Consumer D size NiCd batteries were almost always C size batteries installed into a D size case (the same goes for most NiMH D cells produced now) which was easy to verify by just feeling the weight. Even in the 1980s, you could buy true 4000 mAH D cells if you knew where to find them and were willing to pay the price.

The standard AA sized NiCd cell in the 1980s was about 500 mAH and paste style high capacity cells up to 900 mAH were available even then.

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