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Comment Re:Cool, and no 4K content (Score 1) 207

Anyway, the problem with 70mm was how little was shot in 70mm. Most of the 70mm projection was 35mm blown up. It made for a dramatic picture on that wide screen, but it wasn't true 70mm resolution.

To put this in perspective, Aliens shot in Super 35 which at the time suffered from an emulsion problem leading to graininess did not look any better in 70mm.

What 70mm did provide however is a 6 track magnetic sound track versus 2 track optical.

Comment Re:Porn Watching Indicates A Sad Human. (Score 1) 301

Like women who don't sleep around, men who show 'maturity' (ie they don't sleep around either) are considered desirable.

I am not convinced of this in the sense which you mean it.

A philandering son is advantageous and more likely to be produced by a philandering father. The woman's general strategy then is to *marry* the non-philanderer who will support her and her children while philandering herself.

She *knows* the maternity of her children but the father cannot be so sure. This shows up with maternal grandparents being more generous than paternal grandparents.

What shorts this all out is medical tests which can reveal to the father whether the children are actually his. Women should be fighting against allowing paternity tests if they want to hold these advantages. In some cases the law already does this.

Comment Re:A defect is a defect (Score 1) 204

Seriously why call it a disease? That implies that an iPhone could get it from another iPhone, you not washing your hands, etc.

Is cancer not also considered a disease?

We refer to ROM failures over time (fuck you Mostek!) and anti-fuses growing back as bit rot but it has nothing to do with microorganisms. I wish we had a special name for the failure of those edge wipe sockets Texas Instruments made.

Comment Re:Sounds like author hasn't been sick enough (Score 1) 294

"It seems when you are sick and laying in a hospital bed and have trouble sleeping, the single LED shining in your eyes is an issue,"

A LED shining in your eyes is the LEAST of your worries when trying to get to sleep in a hospital.

Actually, it IS a big deal. Sleep is important to a patient's recovery, and a lack of good sleep can slow healing.

Patients in a hospital are constantly being disturbed at night due to vital signs checks, administration of medication, pain medication wearing off, etc. Sometimes the disturbance is not even for the patient but for the other patient in the same semi-private room.

When I complained that the noise from the IV pump was keeping me awake, the nurse apologized and said, "but hospitals are not a place for resting."

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