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Comment Re:These systems do not work and never will (Score 1) 111

With these figures, you will have one thousand false alarms for every one terrorist you catch! I.e. a completely unusable system, that will drown their users in false alarms.

If they did this in the US, there would be no false alarms because all of the suspect would resist arrest and most would be killed while resisting arrest.

Comment Re:well... (Score 1) 147

Humans have a terrible instinct when it comes to entropy in data and therefore need to be guided in choosing a password. This often results in a check for length(which is a good thing), but also requirements for capitals, numbers and special characters(which is often used poorly).

The humans who are poor at math are terrible anyway however most password strength meters are just as bad if not worse.

I use a random number generator to create hexadecimal passwords assuming that each character is worth 4 bits of entropy. So with 128 bits or more of entropy in my password, guess how many password strength meters say it is too weak - all of them.

Comment Re:Isn't this just a bunch of zero-day exploits? (Score 1) 110

Is this basically what hacking groups do? Are they just collecting a huge inventory of bugs by constantly banging on these devices every possible way they can?

They also infiltrate their targets and introduce exploits they can take advantage of. The NIST is a good example. Or they might pay the target to include the exploit like with RSA.

Comment Re:Much rejoicing... (Score 1) 154

The first thing I expect will be regulated will be porn. Russia would rule that all gay porn should be outlawed, while the Muslim countries all agree, meaning half the world would vote to outlaw gay porn. The Muslim countries will feel that is not enough, all porn should be banned, as it is all sinful in their eyes. Pretty soon, porn is not allowed on the public internet.

And how will that be enforced? Revoking domain names?

That will be fun; it is time to implement an alternative to domain names anyway and of course porn will lead the way.

Comment Re:Why do you speak on behalf of the rest of socie (Score 1) 272

the NSA should have focused on monitoring foreign actors while helping to ensure that domestic institutions (companies, political parties, non-profits, and of course the population as a whole) have access to privacy and secure communications.

This conflicts with their mission to spy on Americans and help other agencies to spy on Americans.

Maybe NIST should be helping to provide private and secure communications ... oh, nevermind.

Comment Re: Utopia .NE. a good place to live (Score 1) 213

It *is* as simple as that.

A given engine has a maximum efficiency at a specific RPM and torque yielding a specific output power. The transmission has a number of fixed impedance matching ratios. Between these two engineered characteristics and the aerodynamics which cause loss proportional to the square of the speed, there will be one point for maximum MPG although it is really more of a broad lopsided hump falling off faster on the high side because of the square characteristic of drag loss.

If you change your transmission to a different gear, then that point will move. Continuously variable transmissions including hybrid electric ones turn the separate peaks into another continuous curve.

Electric motors have much broader efficiency curves broadening the miles per energy curve and making the drag curve more significant. The fact that an ICE powered car has a better MPG at a higher speed is a reflection of the poor efficiency of the ICE at low output power levels. As you point out, the ICE has to be sized for good performance at the expense of low power efficiency.

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