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Comment Re:Can it remove viruses from the bloodstream? (Score 1) 60

Not only that, from what I understand, Metastatic cancer cells travel via blood. If this could grab those, that'd be awesome. So many cancer stories seem to involve killing the main site of the disease only to have it reoccur a few months or years later somewhere else, this time metastatic and basically incurable.

Start this treatment up right after diagnosis, and continue it through the normal cancer treatment. If this device could be used to detect metastatic cancer cells in the blood, even better (but maybe this is reaching - still, cool to consider).

Comment AI Opportunities in MTG (Score 1) 104

There are a few interesting ways AI can be applied to the game of Magic the Gathering - this is one, and it's cool to see this guy's project, and the results.

I've done a little bit of thinking in this area, but more in the area of making an AI play with the goal of searching for new competitive deck lists.

I posted on my blog about my approach a while back: Getting Your Computer to Make an Awesome New Magic the Gathering Deck

Another interesting tack would be to see if you can write an agent to create single cards with mechanics that actually move second-tier decks into first-tier competitiveness, looking at the current metagame. WotC probably wouldn't take your advice on new cards, though, as they probably prefer to keep card design in-house.

Haven't had the time to actually try to implement something (too busy futzing with Minecraft modding), but maybe one of these days I'll make it happen.

Comment Re:Why does Obama support this? (Score 3, Informative) 271

What about the order to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility over the next year?

What about his executive order disallowing any interrogation techniques not defined in the Army Field Manual (i.e. no waterboarding, no torture)?

What about telling the EPA to look into letting California define their own, stricter auto emissions standards (instead of locking them to the federal standards like Bush did)?

What about signing the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act just yesterday?

What about striking down Bush's ban on giving federal money to international groups that perform abortions or provide abortion information? You could make an argument about abortion here, depending on which side of the issue you stand, but this money is also used for other medical procedures performed by these organizations.

He's done more good in one week than GWB did in 8 long years.


Submission + - Why TV Fails to Tell Good Stories & How To Fi ( 5

Agilus writes: "TV shows fail us all the time. Great shows get ruined by actors leaving and screwing up the plot, lazy writers who write the story as they go along, and TV execs prematurely canceling or trying to milk the show for all it's worth. In the article, Why TV Fails to Tell Good Stories and How to Fix It, Books Under The Bridge details three ways the TV industry can use technology and a little bit of common sense to fix these problems and vastly improve the quality of television entertainment."

Submission + - How (Not) to Write an Review (

Agilus writes: "New blog, Books Under the Bridge takes a snarky look at book reviews, in particular the book reviews often submitted to How (Not) to Write an Review is a humorous piece illustrating why sci-fi and fantasy book reviews are so, so bad (including the professional ones). Follow these simple guidelines, and you can write an review with the best of them!"

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