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Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - Human poker champs beat computer challenger

Galactic_grub writes: NewScientist reports that two top poker players defeated a computerised player, called Polaris, in a landmark competition held at the AAAI-07 Conference on Artificial Intelligence. The set-up was desgined to remove the element of luck — the pair played two versions of the machine simultaneously in different rooms, with the computer and the human playing opposite hands in each game. Although the machine was beaten, the article suggests that poker machines are getting better. At one stage one of the players folded claiming "if that is a bluff, it's over for humanity". Unfortunately, Polaris had been bluffing.

Submission + - Bank of America Online Banking offline (

An anonymous reader writes: Users have been unable to login to Bank of America's Online Banking for most of the day. By my count, we are on the 5th or 6th hour. Earlier in the day, was not responding at all (and login attempts just hung forever), and now attempts to login are presented with "We are currently experiencing an Online Banking service interruption. We apologize for this inconvenience and are working to restore your service as quickly as possible." I was told by BofA Online Banking Customer Support that BofA is in the middle of an "emergency upgrade" that they expected to last two hours — that was much more than two hours ago. If BofA has been owned in some way, do you think customers will be told the truth?

Submission + - Bush vetoes stem cell bill (

starbuckr0x writes: "Pushing back against the Democratic-led Congress, President Bush vetoed a bill Wednesday that would have eased restraints on federally funded embryonic stem cell research."

Submission + - Huge online pedophile ring broken, kids rescued (

skinfaxi writes: British police, aided by U.S. authorities, have broken a global Internet pedophile ring that broadcast live-streamed videos of children being sexually tortured for the entertainment of subscribers. They netted more than 700 suspects worldwide and rescued 31 children.
United States

Submission + - A field trip to the Creation Museum (

Lillith writes: The anti-evolution Creation Museum opened last weekend and there's already an amusing report from a skeptic, complete with lots of pictures. 'There were posters explaining just how coal could be formed in a few weeks as opposed to over millions of years, and how rapidly the biblical flood would cover the earth, drowning all but a handful of living creatures. The flood plays a big part in the museum's attempt to explain away what we see as millions of years of natural processes. There was also an explanation as to why, with only one progenitor family, it wasn't considered incest for Adam and Eve's children to marry each other. ' (I liked the picture of the velociraptor grazing peacefully next to Eve in the Garden of Eden myself.)

Submission + - Defense Dept. insider guilty of computer fraud (

coondoggie writes: "Former DoD civilian employee and former member of the California Army National Guard, Jesse Lane Jr today pleaded guilty to defrauding the United States and conspiring with four other individuals to do the same, by accessing a government computer to set up thousands of dollars in fraudulent payments. Lane faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison for conspiracy, 20 years in prison for honest services wire fraud, and three years of supervised release. Sentencing was set for Sept. 24, 2007."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Casino Bans MS Word Author For Video Poker Win (

mbstone writes: "Richard Brodie, the original author of MS Word and a poker pro, has been banned from Caesars Palace and all other casinos owned by Harrah's Entertainment Corp. — including a ban on his participating in the 2007 World Series of Poker — because, get this, he got lucky and won three royal flushes on video poker for $240,000 each. Not for cheating, or even for card counting, just for being lucky. Harrah's management has obviously never heard of the law of averages!"
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - $73 million and counting: the downfall of Phantom (

Ghost in the Machine writes: Ars Technica has a story on Phantom Entertainment (formerly Infinium Labs), the company behind the never-released Phantom console and lapboard. So far, the company has burned through over $73 million in cash without earning a cent of revenue. 'Amazingly, Phantom lives on, a testament to just how long a company can survive without cash when it simply stops paying creditors. The company is down to three full-time employees but still hopes to launch its Phantom Wireless Lapboard in September — if it survives that long. When Phantom's outside auditors prepared its most recent financial statement for the year ended on December 31, 2006, they "expressed substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern."'

Submission + - PHP 5.2.3 Released

infeon writes: [01-Jun-2007] The PHP development team would like to announce the immediate availability of PHP 5.2.3. This release continues to improve the security and the stability of the 5.X branch as well as addressing two regressions introduced by the previous 5.2 releases. These regressions relate to the timeout handling over non-blocking SSL connections and the lack of HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA in certain conditions. All users are encouraged to upgrade to this release.

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