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Comment Speaking of Geek Funerals (Score 2, Interesting) 479

The company I previously worked for had a contract with Cemeteries Board to do all the AV stuff in the chapels as well as upgrading their webcasting system. I was sent out to backup all the settings before we did the rollout and at one particular Chapel I noticed there was a printout taped to the rack in the AV booth and on that it specified what accoutrements to put out depending on the deceased's faith. So it had stuff like "Christian: Music, Candles" Russian Orthodox "No Music, Candles" and then I noticed that handwritten at the bottom of the list was "Jedi: No Music, No Candles".

I think I found that on the same visit where I nearly ruined a funeral by accidently starting the powerpoint presentation early, but luckily I managed to reset the presentation a few seconds before they brought in the coffin.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Japan's OESF launching Embedded Android OS in Fall (

ruphus13 writes: Google's Android OS is making its way into non-phone devices like Netbooks and E-ink devices. However, Japan's Open Embedded Software Foundation, launched in Feb of this year, is working on an making Android an Embedded Operating System and will be launching their hardware implementations this Fall at CEATAC (Cutting-Edge IT and Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition). From the post, "As early as this Fall's CEATEC show in Japan, innovative new hardware implementations running Android will arrive. The CEATEC show will include displays with prototype Android set tops, developed by Motorola for KDDI, a Japanese telecommunication service provider...[Working Groups include] ones focused on: set-top boxes; VOIP; network and security; measurement and control; system core; application and services; and marketing and education...The members of Japan's OESF include many heavy hitters, including ARM, KDDI, Japan Cable Laboratories, Alpine Electronics and Fujitsu Software Technologies."

Submission + - News Media Cooperating to Impose Online Fees

Rubinstien writes: In a recent AP article entitled "New venture aims to introduce fees for online news", AP writer Michael Liedtke outlines the new venture "Journalism Online", a plan concocted by various media heavyweights to bundle access to online news and other resources into a pay-only access scheme. Reportedly, the service will not be introduced until this fall, but was publicly announced late Tuesday due to "publishers clamoring to sign up". Individuals wanting access to affiliate's content would be expected to pay a fee of around $15 to $20 per month.

In my personal opinion, if this even gets off the ground it will simply accelerate the shift away from traditional media suppliers.

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