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Submission + - Amazon now provides MP3 Downloader for Linux

Ageing Metalhead writes: Looks like Amazon is trying to entice more people to its MP3 store by being Linux friendly.

Although the MAC and Windoze version of the Amazon MP3 Downloader have been around since the online shop started pushing MP3s, they now have a Linux MP3 Downloader available and packaged for

  • Ubuntu 7.10 "gutsy"
  • Debian 4 "etch"
  • Fedora 8
  • OpenSUSE 10.3

Linux MP3 Downloader Page

Submission + - Collusion or Co-operation ZFS?

Ageing Metalhead writes: With the announcement of Leopard supporting ZFS, is this a case of Apple following on from the best environment they can license for free, or collusion between Sun and Apple to take on the Microsoft with scalable storage? "We would not at all be surprised to see ZFS start to show up in other operating systems at some point in the not-too-distant future," Weinberg said.

Is Ubuntu or Redhat next to make ZFS the FS across all Unices?

Submission + - Virgin America asking for in-flight Linux Games ?

Ageing Metalhead writes: Virgin America ( is asking for the Open Source community to contribute to their in-flight entertainment offerings.

Seats will include 110v power, USB and RJ45 (Hopefully connected to some net connection on the other end) Open source video games (and an invitation for savvy linux game developers to participate in Red)"

Virgin softening the pain for all and not just First class, the main cabin has all the toys as well.

Submission + - The death of the network hub?

Ageing Metalhead writes: The death of the network hub? As part of my day-to-day work supporting and developing embedded devices, to diagnose system and application problems within those devices I'm often left with no choice but to fire up ethereal/wireshark to understand what is happening at a network level. A cheap off-the-shelf network switch is no good, as I will not see the traffic that is addressed to my embedded device. Expensive switches allow you to set up a promiscuous port that will direct all traffic going to-from a specific port(s). So has the basic network hub now died, never to be seen again, or are there vendors still making / reselling hubs? A.M

Submission + - Google Local now offering Traffic Conditions in SF

Ageing Metalhead writes: Google Local now offering traffic conditions just like the Google-Maps-Mobile edition. +Blvd,+Mountain+View,+Santa+Clara,+California+9404 3,+United+States&ie=UTF8&sll=38.590476,-121.450167 &sspn=0.062257,0.160675&z=13&ll=37.421026,-122.078 018&spn=0.063258,0.21698&t=h&om=1&layer=t Just click to "Traffic" button to see how long you're going to have to wait to get to work, before you leave the house.

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